[Ch3] Patiharn Ruk Karm Kob Fah (Thong Entertainment)


sarNie OldFart
She's not. It's by a different company but no one changed it. Anne's bf works behind the scenes for the CGI of this lakorn though. That's why she's promoting it on IG.


sarNie Adult
At first i watched this for Mai, and i thought, ohh Mew's pretty. Then once it got to the end, i like the sis and mew's boyfriend (chris)more. They have such cute interaction, especially the part where the sis was drying Chris hair after the swim exercise was just too cute. Scenes like that put a smile on my face. LOL.   Mai and Mew kept going back and forth.  "oh i love you.. and then oh i forgot about you and then oh i love you again and then oh it's my turn to forget about you because you have a boyfriend already."  It got pretty repetitive. 
But i have to admit, this lakorn have some pretty scary scenes.  The guy at the beginning where they first stay overnight before the trip was creepy.  I still have that image in my head when he laid down and the sis turn around to see him.  That mouth thing was just sick.  The part where they met the three sis was scary too, but funny also because of the youngest sister.  LOL.