[CH3] Oak Giab Hak Ab Rak Khun Samee (Thong Entertainment): Mew Nittha/ Mark Prin


sarNie Granny
Updated list as of today 12-24-18 :). (Ps. The List is base on my time fame Canada time that is why there is more days, this list is for fun while we wait for the drama :))

Added 12-14-18, 12-20-18, 12-21-18, and 12-22-18 (in Purple)

So they have filmed 37 days so far :).

10-6-18, 10-11-18, 10-12-18, 10-14-18, 10-17-18, 10-18-18, 10-19-18, 10-20-18, 10-21-18, 10-30-18, 11-7-18, 11-8-18, 11-9-18 and 11-10-18, 11-15-18 and 11-16-18, 11-17-18, 11-22-18, 11-24-18 , 11-25-18, 11-28-18, 11-29-18, 11-30-18, 12-1-18, 12-2-18, 12-6-18, 12-7-18, 12-8-18, 12-9-18, 12-10-18, 12-11-18, 12-12-18, and 12-13-18, 12-14-18, 12-20-18, 12-21-18, and 12-22-18


sarNie Tombstone
anne and the director went to myanmar to choose location for the filming there. can't wait to see the progress later

i see that no one shared those bts vdo here so i will repost them since i posted them in mark thread

finally BTS of the lakorn and this look will contain jealousy scene and hilarious friends :lol:

i love jealous mark character :cheer:
another BTS vdo and of course i didn't get what they are saying all what i got is they are talking each of their characters and the drama , and i can see that the friends will be the "extra comedy" cast and thian is the serious one trying to hide and trying to put this strict personality that's all i can get