[CH3] Oak Giab Hak Ab Rak Khun Samee (Thong Entertainment): Mew Nittha/ Mark Prin


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Updated list as of today 12-7-18 :). (Ps. The List is base on my time fame Canada time that is why there is more days, this list is for fun while we wait for the drama :))

Added 12-6-18 and 12-7-18(in Purple)

So they have filmed 27 days so far :).

10-6-18, 10-11-18, 10-12-18, 10-14-18, 10-17-18, 10-18-18, 10-19-18, 10-20-18, 10-21-18, 10-30-18, 11-7-18, 11-8-18, 11-9-18 and 11-10-18, 11-15-18 and 11-16-18, 11-17-18, 11-22-18, 11-24-18 , 11-25-18, 11-28-18, 11-29-18, 11-30-18, 12-1-18, 12-2-18, 12-6-18 and (Today) 12-7-18
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Unfortunately both Mark and Mew are out of BKK today for different events, so they may not film today. Mew is in Nakorn Sawan while Mark flew up north to Chiangrai. Very busy couple. Lol ;) no time to sit around, lol, not even for filming. 555 :p

Meanwhile enjoy Mewmew getting a free piggyback rise from an awesome crew member lol :p haha she gets free messages, free piggyback ride, and free seafood!! LOL! :D This set is pretty awesome and free. Lol :p

8861D551-EB80-49A0-B42B-A5ADB7E8ED88.png 7A694A81-2A8A-443B-85C6-BDC2E6F8FB4D.png

Thian was so exhausted and drained from life lol :p

Muey keeps on giggling lol ;) HAHAHA :D


I know these were shared but I must say Koy looks very beautiful. Mew better watch out, Koy is one hella sexy cougar!! Lol :p :D

ps — I don’t believe she’s 6 years older than Mark. She look younger and very compatible with Mark as well. I guess another reason to an keep on them as Thian and Yada!! Woohoo!;)

AB9887EE-DE52-4D01-B243-5CE1C904C140.jpeg 761EF8DE-372F-4C70-BD87-99F35FF56BFB.jpeg
Cr all respected owners ;)


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Okay thanks for the info :).

I will see the updates later, if we get pictures, it is after 3am here need to go to bed now, night everyone :).