[CH3] NuengDao Fah Diew (TV Scene) : James Jirayu / Taew Nataporn/Aum Atichart

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  1. phatman

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    He needs a better hairdo. Haha. Aka a cleaner cut. I hate hair sticking out from the back of the head. Haha.

    Anyway. Um. Hot dayum. My hot duo is hawt! Yes I have resumed and am on the finale!!!
  2. phatman

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    Awe. Aum and Taew reunite. . . but she's romancing another boy. Haha.
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  3. phatman

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    Ooo. Mr. JJ looking mighty fine waking up from the dead. Hehe. His voice too. Mm. But like Taew needs to calm down her crying though. Hahha. I can't be sad with her crying like a kid.
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  4. phatman

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    Hah. Maengmao is hilarious waiting for her groom. . . to be. So anxious.
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  5. phatman

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    Her hair is ugly though. Hahaha.
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    Hahaha tell me about it, the hair is so distracting .. but you are so close to their wedding night now .. yay! Haha
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    Girl. I have no words to describe. Haha. How do you go from I don't know how to do anything to I'm gonna ravish you!! Hahaha. This show really is a 180 from BPS, and I still love it! I had to take a break, but now I'm back and on the last 20mins. I'm crying at Maengmao reading her majesty's letter and at those flashbacks to the time they separated.
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  8. Kay123

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    Yes those flash back and MM reading her Majesty’s letter really got to me. Even though this lakorn had its flaws, but for some reason I still kept watching through. Overall I really enjoyed it.

    Hahaha their wedding night was terrible.. MM was trying to act all cool about it, :risas3: KT was trying to be all sweet, with the poem then in the end he was like “I am going to ravish you:risas3: the way he said it was so rapist like :risas3: worst love making night in history :risas3:
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  9. phatman

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    Poor Maengmao was so scared already!

    Yes. I actually really enjoyed this show! It deserves more credit than it got. I think the whole cast did well and the overall storyline/idea is great. I wish the scriptwriter had done better. I wish Mr. JJ had grown up more and improved on his acting. Hahaha. I admit I love his voice, but his acting is soo cringy sometimes! Like. I just can't. Hahaha. Taew obviously nailed her role, except I wish she didn't cry like a kid, haha. My hot duo, the stars of the show, I wish they had more screen time. It's ok though because their minimal screentime works already anyway. I wished Nampeung was not in here, but she makes a very annoying rai, so I guess that's good. Overall I would give this show a 7.99999 out of 10! Hahaha. It's good, but not great.
    I'll see you all in GS thread!!
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  10. 040156

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    yaay! Thank you for giving GS a chance.

    I actually liked Taew's crying as Mangmao. It shows the childlikeness and "purity" of her character. Like she was a young girl with her most precious thing taken away from her. That was Khanthong to her. She started out a bratty kid who didn't want to have anything to do with love, but ultimately, Khanthong became her P'chai, her savior, her best friend, her man. She was dependent on him, although she would do everything in her power to fight for him. Mangmao was the only character in the show who didn't have any ulterior motives (well... except for escaping those arranged dates), she was as she was and her love was chaste and pure and innocent. And it was a good match with Khanthong who had been suppressing his emotions after he was forced to "grow up" - but as can be seen from his "death" - he was hanging on to that innocent and pure happiness he had in the early part of his life with his parents. So that innocence lost (or suppressed) by Khanthong is back with his new love, Mangmao, who loves him with equal fervor as he did with his parents and vise versa.

    The beginning of the show was shaky but towards the end it was awesome. It wasn't even the lack of Mangmao x Khanthong scenes that made it less "stellar" as it was but the very slow buildup with the villains and the Burmese troops. I mean, all that formality with the political stuff going on, but the villains were just sitting there, looking pretty and talking and talking endlessly. like gah. Is it really necessary? We get it. You're evil. But they're half-assed evil. I dunno. Am I the only one who got it from the villains? Like they were there for such a loooong time but didn't really give much impact.

    Insofar as the romance goes, I mean, I didn't really feel that it was lacking as each scene between Khanthong and Mangmao was short and sweet and packed a punch. Of course I would've wanted more, but the way it was is ok already, at least for me.

    The kollabot took too much of the story but it didn't translate that well into the screenplay. I guess it's something that is better read than seen in action. But overall, the way both the N'ek and P'ek were presented as smart (albeit, clueless hahaha) people was also a plus point for me. Although I am a big JJ fan, so I have a major bias, I would still give around the same rating as you did, @phatman
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  11. Kay123

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    Ok see you soon in GS my dear :aaaaa:

    Seriously I love reading your thoughts :worship2:You are always so informative with your opinions and views. Each time I’ve read your comments I always find my swaying towards your views/thoughts :thumbup:
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  12. 040156

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    aww shucks haha Thank you. But NDFD was written really well, there's a lot to get from the story and the screenplay.

    I'm still torn as to where I laughed more, the Aokyawang x Khanthong scene or the Khanthong x Mangmao Scene.
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  13. phatman

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    Yeah. I agree. The KTxMM scenes we got were good even though there weren't many of them relative to everyone else. I felt like the writers were still able to develop their relationship smoothly, which is a plus!
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  14. MKfan132

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    Thanks for sharing :).
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  15. Cupid Candy

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    THE DAY HAS COME! I FINALLY HAVE WORDS OF PRAISE FOR TV SCENE. I think I've expressed countless times how annoyed I am with TV Scene most of the time; their lakorns are overly moral, boring, and focus on unnecessary aspects to drag on a lakorn. The last time I actually fully liked a lakorn from them was Roy Marn and that was 2011. So basically it took them 7 years to impress me again. I had to suffer for years watching their lakorns because they actually manage to constantly hire actors I like.

    This lakorn was well done. I like my lakorns to have balance and this one did a good job with that. I'm a history buff so I enjoy history but I don't want mundane historical plots to overwhelm me as a viewer. There was just enough plot for the n'ek and p'ek separately and together to coincide with the historical aspects. The romance was cute and I liked the development from start to finish. There were a bunch of cute scenes to enjoy between the n'ek and p'ek. I LOVED the subplot with Khantong's parents, if it was made into a full blown lakorn I would totally watch. I loved how it started off with him kidnapping her for revenge and then they fell in love and he let her go but she decided to go back with him. Such a bittersweet love story. That whole scene in the forest was just awesome from start to finish (I visibly cringed fearing that Khantong would get his *ehem* harmed lol). James and Taew have such great chemistry and they play off of each other nicely. It's rare to see in a lakorn the pra'nang super nervous about their wedding night and having to get advice from their best friends. Khantong threw me off guard when he said he was going to 'bplam' Maengmao haha, didn't see that coming from a dude like him.

    I was so shocked to see Naen actually get beheaded. I wanted a lakorn miracle to happen and have him saved but simultaneously I appreciated that the writers were willing to surprise the viewer with something a bit more realistic where not everyone gets to be lucky. Felt bad for him since all he wanted to do was get with Pao and they left things off so tragically.

    Nampeung and Jakrit play such good villains OMG I just love them. Happy all the bad guys got what they deserved and that prostitute got out of the picture. She caused a weird dynamic, like WTF with the nice mistress and nice wife thing. Sad to see Aum as supporting but he played such an important and focal point type of character that in a way it made him a main character as well. He's awesome as always. Can Aff come back and she and Aum can play parents or something LOL.

    For a 17 episode lakorn this lakorn felt like it had a pretty good pace, didn't feel too long and everything was centred about the p'ek which is what I love in a lakorn. I hate it when all the supporting cast and all their drama take away from the leads. Taew did such a good job as the tomboy Maengmao, it is refreshing to see her play such a lighthearted character after seeing her in so many tragic roles. Her acting really convinced me that she is younger than James LOL. James is perfect here, all his emotions and the internal fight within is great to see. Really this is a fabulous lakorn, not too heavy and not too historical. Tons of plot for the p'ek to work with.
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    @Cupid Candy
    Thanks so much for the long review. This lakorn deserved better ratings and views. I think many people are missing out on a great lakorn.
  17. Thanks for your long review on this lakorn na sweetheart! @Cupid Candy
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    congratulation to JiTaew
  20. Katelyn

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    Congrats to JiTaew!!

    I made these for Loy Krathong day.


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