[CH3] NuengDao Fah Diew (TV Scene) : James Jirayu / Taew Nataporn/Aum Atichart

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    Ooh that might be her, thank you
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    Thanks for the infor.
    Yes I did notice his hand in the scene where he went his save MM and then kissed her :love: Yes most of these actor/actress work incredibly hard. Some driving to the set of a TV show or film in the early hours of the morning, after only catching a few hours of sleep between sets. So yeah you have admire their perseverance. :thumbup:

    Melbourne :) and you ?
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    Do you know if the character "Phra Ong Chai" is based off a real person? If so, do you know his name? (The prince that let those traitors go)
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    Hahhaa i just watched that scene again right now. He's so tall & big, he wrapped MM up with just one arm like damn ok! Haha
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    Do you know his name? I think if he was, they would had narrated his part at the end.
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    His character was Phra Ong Chai.. but i dont think they narrated his part or maybe coz he's still alive. I was trying to see if he was based off a real person lol and i dont think they ever said his full name in the lakorn.
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    The princess you're talking about sounds like King Naresuan's sister. She was went to Burma to be the king's consort and had a baby with him. I think after the war was over, King Naresuan came back to get her but she didnt want to go.. i can't think of her name but she was the "golden princess" ..

    But i could be wrong lol maybe you're talking about someone else.
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    Just saw this after I answered lol she came to mind too coz it sounds like her. I couldn't think of her name but just knew she was the golden princess. Coz king Naresuan was ong dum and his brother was the white prince.
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    Thank you, so it was pre Ayuttaya.
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    Melbourne too. We should meet up lol!
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    The figures which based on the real history that I know from NDFD are King Taksin the Great, Kromkhun Vimonpakdee, Jaojom Phen, Praya Phollathep, Luang Pichai-Asa, King Mangra, King Aluangpaya, Mangmahanoratha, Nemyo Sihabodee, Ashe Wunkie.

    And then the next King moved the capital and established Krung Thepmahanakorn which is Bangkok to be a new capital until now.

    Praya Pichai (Luang Pichai) was invited from the next king to help him work in a new kingdom but Praya Pichai denied it. Praya Pichai asked for the death to follow his master (king Tak) because he love King Taksin very much.
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    They said that PraJao Yodfah (the king after PraJao Tak) was the descendant of KosaBan from BPS
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    Woah this history stuff is getting really fun to learn. What I like is how we can connect from BPS to NDFD.
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    Thank-you for all the info.
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    Thanks for the details and info on the history stuff it is very interesting to know .

    Small world.. haha maybe we should :p
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    Oo I know Kosa Ban! HahH
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    Nice. Thanks for the info! I knew of a few that were based on real people, but wanted to know who else :):)
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    Of course you do :naughty2::p lol
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    This is such an adorable FMV of KT and MM :icon12::icon12:
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    I watched 8 to 11 again, this time in full, and I really really can't get enough of Luang Pichaiasa and his badass tribal entrance music whenever he appears on screen. Daaaaaamn! He's so hawt!

    I realized all the characters in NDFD are imperfect in the sense that they had their own prejudices and motivations, but what separated the good and bad guys was the dignity and good spirit they maintained despite their difficulties. Like for example, Jaojom Pen suffered injustice in her life and was motivated to make a better life for herself and her brother. Her redemption should have been this love for her brother, but instead things got to her head and things fell apart. Then Yuern who we all hate so much suffered injustice too, from the hands of politicians and those noblemen who had used and abused her. The eunuchs suffered from childhood, for having been robbed of their manhood for economic reasons or whatnot. King Taksin, or even Khanthong suffered prejudice for being half-blood (quarter-blood?) foreigner but still, they showed love for the land.

    Only Pholathep has no redeeming value. I mean, he's a smart guy but he just wanted power, that's all. He had no background story like the others.

    But what I like so much is the idea of Khanthong and Mangmao being soulmates. I mean, Mangmao is this pure, happy spirit that is literally, a breath of fresh air to Khanthong who had suffered all his life with his parents getting killed and all that. He was raised in seclusion, being trained like a scholar monk as his father fights for the land and in order to bring the family back together. Yet here's Mangmao who is rebellious, speaks her own mind, gets away with everything, but just the same, she didn't grow up spoiled, but instead has a kind heart. She's rough around the edges but she cares for servants and poor people outside the palace - i mean, their backgrounds should have made them natural enemies, with Mangmao being the daughter of a rich merchant, and Khanthong being a son of an infamous thief, but still, the two of them, despite their backgrounds somehow ended up as though they are meant for each other - it's an antithesis of how Khanthong's dad grew up being a thief from getting revenge for his father, or how Jaojom Pen grew up a manipulative bitch for what happened to her parents, or how Yuern ended up the way she did because her parents were killed by nobles. So when Mangmao was moping around that she should think she and Khanthong weren't soulmates from the start - she can't be anymore wrong. I mean, everything that happened between them had been a fluke, but it happened! Like their paths never would have crossed but when their fates intersected, that was that. they can no longer be unlinked. Khanthong is this secretive spy and Mangmao is the most curious girl in the planet. Mangmao pushes every guy away and turns them off with her tough tomboyish ways and yet here she is being a strange, mysterious specimen to Khanthong and he is the ONLY ONE who saw her vulnerability and had that strong need to protect her. In some ways, Khanthong turned Mangmao into a woman, just as Mangmao drew out the man in Khanthong, even as he tried hard to suppress it, disguising as a eunuch and all. But the turning point for me, really, was when Khantin and Aokyawang were talking about what happened to Phraya Tak, when Khanthin asked if Aokyawang would go ahead and fight even if he knew he was going to die. Suddenly Khanthin answered that it's better to LIVE to recover what has been lost - it's like damn, he finally got it. He got what his mom was telling his dad all along. he's not in this suicide mission, ready to lay down his life for the country or get revenge for his parents anymore. He wants to live, he's positive about everything - and it's all because of Mangmao. In encouraging Mangmao to live, be brave, and be hopeful, despite the injustice they suffered, it was like a turning point in his life - he isn't living to die anymore. He's living ... possibly for a future with Mangmao. He isn't that boy who is alone anymore, he has vowed to be by Mangmao's side, to protect her, and at the same time cherish her, and he can recover everything that he had lost - his family, his future, his homeland. All the problems just fade away as he has someone with him and he has the will to live and achieve his goals. Mangmao too, suddenly finds herself depending on Khanthin and actually sticking her neck out for Khanthin when before she'd just run away and find an easy way out. It's almost like just when she thought she had Aok Pra Sri figured out, he'd show this other side and she'll have to solve him again - like a kollabot that she's so excited to decode.

    Both of them are like the same champee flower, one that grew out of the glass pond and the other hanging from Mangmao's hair - they grew out of odd places and stood out and became extraordinarily beautiful.... just like their love. Le sigh. ok please excuse me, I am having a sentimental moment. :icon12: Mangmao and Khantong's love story is painfully slow but incredibly cute.... I just find it so damn adorable.
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