[CH3] Ngao Ruk Luang Jai (Unknown Cast)


sarNie Adult
Personally, I'm really excited. I know a lot of viewers didn't like it but even now it's one of my favorite lakorns even though I know it is very flawed
But I'm also very surprised; imean, from what I knew, this wasn't such a hit in Thailand. It is mostly known for having revealed big stars of Thai industry : Nadech and Mark are now amongst the biggest in Thai industry and Mint and Gubgib became big nang rais (especially Mint)
I don't know, maybe I misjudged the popularity it had back then

Here's my personal dream cast (for now)

Techit : Nine Naphat, Pon Nawasch
KhaoHom : Yada Narilya, Bow Maylada, Mild Lapassalan
Nawa : Sarin Inpitar, Alex Rendell, (to be ho
Ratee : Namnung Suttidachanai, Janis Janistar, Care Chattarika, Lita Kaliya, Fai Nuntanutch, ,


sarNie Adult
I still hope they will make some changes compared to the original, though...
I loved it but there were some flaws in the script that were really frustrating and made it impossible to fully enjoy the story
-the n'ek kept misunderstanding the p'ek, even when he would do nice things for her her (ex : he once took care of her when she got sick ; but in the morning, god knows why, she misunderstood he raped her and didn't even apologize when she realized he was wrong)
-it would be nice if she and the p'ek had some cute romantic scenes. I mean, their relationship really turned good only towards the ends but through most of the drama, they kept fighting because she thought he hated her and he didn't dare to admit he loved her and towards the last episodes, they parted due to misunderstandings (the n'rai plotting, etc). So I don't know, if at some point of the story, not just towards the end, they would both admit their feelings and have a bit of a nice time together
-if they changed the content of the last episode : the nang rai who rapes the p'ek but pretends it's the opposite to get engaged with him. That was really frustrating and predictable so I hope they'll pass that one
-I hope the n'ek will have a bit more of a backbone when facing the n'rai : she kept accepting her slaps and bullying and well... no one likes that nowadays
-i also hope they'll skip the part where the n'ek gets engaged with the second male lead, Nadech's character, at the end for God knows what reason. It felt like she was doing it more out of gratefulness than else but I thought it was not okay, especially because at that point, she was starting to realize her feelings towards the p'ek and so did Nadech
-I also hope they won't conclude the love triangle between these three by killing Nadech. In my opinion, that was unnecessary and unfair towards the character.

So in short, I hope they won't necessarily change a lot about the beginning but will change the following events of the story
Because otherwise, it really had the potential to be a GREAT drama