[Ch3] Neung Nai Suang (No Problem)


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Yes queeny, and the project is with p'mam, who generally makes beautiful lakorns, so there's hope there. I have always enjoyed and appreciated pmam's works, bcos theres always so much more to her lakorns than js focussing on the pranangs alone, hardly have those annoying screaming nangrais. Now Just crossing my fingers that prajaew will not insert too many of his fav falling and staring scenes lol

oh so p'mam changed her producing team's name, no wonder when i was reading fia's DR recaps, she wrote it as good feeling, thought she wrote it wrong, lucky i didnt question her heh


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I'm happy that Yaya will have another Lakorn after RS. I'm dying to see her in a period lakorn and hopefully P'Jaew add more sweet scene like he did with Tnnkk.


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When Anawat Patcharapojanaj or Neung come back from France, After He graduate master in ambassador.
Neung is son of Wit who is the former Ambassador. This news make many girl very interest it, especially Miss Seesook and her dauther Songsang.
At the same time, Hathairat Rajapitak or Pum who was support by Mr.Sut and Miss Tip Duenpradub. She don't interset him like other girls, and hate his habit 
that tough and pride. When Anawat come back to Thailand. He visit and him relative' house, include Miss Seesuk's house and Duenpradub's house.
But he don't meet Hathairat. Anawat visit Pinit Panaspong who is his old friend, but he don't meet Pinit. he know pinit go to Pinai who is Pinit's brother, because
he hurt from Hathairat. Anawat know it. It make he prejudice in Hathairat.
Next few days, Anawat go to Duenpradub's house. He meet Suttha, Suda and Hathairat. He very hugry, because Hathairat don't care and hate him.
Anawat think Hathairat's manner that on the  brink of him. Anawat thinking to pay back her. Suttha and Suda will have a blow-out in Duenpradub's house for Mr Sit,
and make it up to Anawat and Hathairat becom friend.  Suda and Suttha invite friend more than last year. In party, Songsang dance with Anawat in every song.
Hathairat  was invited her dance by many man. Anawat and Hathairat are look each other, and finally they will fight again. Even though, Anawat will say สราำ"He don't love Hathairat
and hate her", but he will on Hathairat's nerve everyday. One day, Doctor Prasong will marriage with Ura. Anawat think Hathairat must appoiment in this news, but he will amaze when Hathairat not feel anythiings.
When he Anawat know she is bridesmaid. He feel angry because she make he's misunderstand. When he go see Hathairat off, so he struggle her.
Hathairat very angry, but Anawat's satisfied. Pinit have to marriage with Jumpee because his mother, but Pinit is severely ill. Pinit  fancifu to Hathairat, he need to see Hathairat in last time.
Anawat invite Hathairat to Pinit, Pinit was send to Bangkok before they go to Pinit. Anawat haveto come back, but his car brokedown in the way. They must stay overnight at farmhouse.
When they come back to Bangkok, Anawat and Hathairat were force to[SIZE=small] engaged. [/SIZE]
Hathairat need to beat Miss Seesuk and Songsang. She's engaged with Anawat. Anawat admit he love and add her to marriage, but Hathairat deny Anawat. He very sad.
One day, Hathairat heard that Anawat was accident by car at Chiangmai. Hathairat is alarmed. She go to immediately. Whe they are meet, they will open mind together.
Hathai admit she love Anawat, and she will care Anawat forever. Anawat impress in Hathairat's love. They are marriage. 
Ps. In new version, Pajaew is director. Pajaew รinterview about this by himself
This souundtrack form Old version(Ken - Janie)
Piang Siew Jai (Only half of your heart)


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bubbles8 said:
:cry:My small glimpse of hope of this not being NNS is over with all these confirmations, so this will be the 3rd remake version of NNS? so sad. Thai netizens sure must really watching remakes for producers/Ch3 to constantly do remakes, something i cannot understand. Dont ppl want to watch new things, instead of rewatching the same thing over and over again but js with different ppl? No matter how much i love a lakorn (eg DJA/Sood sanahe), i would never want it to be remade again, a lakorn being the one and only version makes it so much more special
I hope this will be the last remake that yaya is offered and accepts, this is the 4th remake for my poor girl (3rd remake with p'mam alone)   :lmao:
haha, my dear, no no, not poor girl ka, she was amazing in Thoranee, Dao Rueng ... ^^
But, to be honest, I love the couple idea of Yaya and Jame Ji but I don't like her again in that kind of character. She is adorable but I want her in more challenging roles. I guess we need to wait a little bit more then ^^
Really excited for this lakorn. They are still shy toward each other but I think it's cute ^^
p/s: I want YAYA and MARIO as well, aaaaaaaaaaaaaa T_T


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Lu, i loved DR and TNNKK, actually rewatching both simultaneously now! Heh but a brand new script and storyline for this would be so much more exciting right :) I think cos i never watched dr and tnnkk before, so it was new and exciting, but i watched nns already, so im js not excited like i usually am for any of yaya's confirmed project. I feel so guilty and terrible as a yaya fan fot not being excited for this *tears* i hate this feeling

It would be a dream movie for me if yaya gets to be paired up with mario. Did you see the new pic of mario/yaya nxt to nadech/taew, maybe it's a hint, well i hope it's a hint, they're so cute together!


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which one ka ??? I actually saw CH3 Calendar and Yaya being couple with Mario, they looked amazing together :dance2:  :dance2: 
I am new for Thai lakorn then I have not watched NNS yet, I think I better wait  to see the one with Yaya and JJ as new brand lakorn for me , haha. I understood your feeling, no need to be sad that you are not excited ka, we cannot love everything even we want to. Save your energy for her lakorn with Mario in future na HAHAHA * dreaming mode*
Aw, back to this lakorn, they will be a great couple, I want to see the sexy side of JJ that I have not been able to see it yet. Actually, I have not watched any of his lakorn as I am not excited about him that much, but this time I go for you, JJ. Even I love Nadech, it will not affect my support for you pairing with my Yaya, haha. I'm so crazy now.
Bubbles8, don't see you often in RFTD, miss u na  :heart:


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Miss you too na Lu :) You encouraged me to steal na's red flowery shirt so you can see his sexy body, but now you want to see JJ sexy body instead? *shakes head* LOL

Even when im old and wrinkling, will def save energy and hope for a mario and yaya movie!!

It's a new pic lu, i will post the pic 4 u later when im on the comp :)


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Thank you ka.
About body topic, actually, I want to see both of them HAHAHA. JJ's baby face made me curious about how he can transform himself to be matured guy with sexy look, hehe.
Ah, can you give me some hints?? will there be lots of sweet scene in this lakorn? I mean , of course, we will need to wait, but in old lakorn, how was this ?? Seem like they will hate each other until the very last end of lakorn, if like that, I will not be happy for sure ... LOL


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Here's the pic Lu, the switched couples look really good and cute together too!!
hehe to be on topic in NNS, i think the praek had feelings for the nek at the very beginning but he was too stubborn/arrogant to admit it. I got annoyed with his arrogance multiple times (even when my beloved kenT played the role), I chucked my dvd set somewhere, cant even find it anymore LOL


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haha ,thank you Bubbles8, yeah, they looked so nice together :dance2: :dance2: :dance2:
For this remake, I hope director and producer will do sth diff and make it more interesting ^^ I found the original one on youtube with Engsub but have not watched yet, I think I will not do that, as I only have interest for Yaya's lakorn only haha
Anw, I gonna save this picture to my PC, nice photo indeed. Thank you ja :flowers: :kiss3:


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Is James back from Korea yet?
For the love of my girl, i want to warm up more to JJ, does anyone have cute/touching fan accounts of james, please share na!


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Yes Bubble, JJ is back. I saw a pic yesterday of JJ at the airport.

I don't know when they are going to start but chances are it will be for the beginning of next year. As for cute fan accounts, I cannot help you lol. I have not followed him at all. Since the news of this Lakorn with Yaya, I have watched his new Lakorn with punch, and I like him in that character. So far , I don't mind him onscreen which I am happy about cus physically , he wasn't my cup of tea lol. His pairing with punch is really cute although I find the Lakorn a bit boring at times. But anyway, I am much more positive now for this Lakorn , I think JJ and Yaya could make a really cute pair after all.


JJ looks so happy to be home <3 He's an adorable guy and I can't wait until they start filming this Lakorn ^^


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thanks hsdsfan and zaz for the recommendations! i finally watched the teaser, it couldnt hook me in, but i find punch very cute though, i will watch it after i finish rewatching dao reung. But Im crushing on ai wan and preuksy so hard right now, so it will take awhile hehe. i really hope one of these 2 guys get a role in here!!


In love with Phet Thakrit <3
Hm, still stuck on page 6. Well, idk what to say. I hear no news.. But I'm soo looking forward for this remake! >.<