[CH3] My Hero Series Part 4 : Sen Son Koln Ruk (Cholumpi Production) Toey Pongsakorn/ Eye Kamolned


sarNie Adult
Toey is so hot. I can't stop looking at him. Love his smile. Even with great and eye, i only notice toey first. LOL. I can't wait for him to have more lakorn out so i can just stare at him. Watched all his drama.
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sarNie Oldmaid
It just occurred to me this went from being like the last part to the fourth part lol. Someone should probably update the wiki page. But anyways, I hope someone subs this because I like Eye and I'm happy to see her as n'ek again.


sarNie Adult
Well that's good on you, I haven't fully completed any series since The Gentlemen Series lol
The gentlemen series definitely stole my heart. I think the only Prime Time series I haven’t watched from Ch3 was the mafia one. Heck, I even went through all 8 parts of Cupid. Time I’ll never get back on some parts lol.