[CH3] Leh Lub Salub Rarng (No Problem) : Nadech Kugimiya / Yaya Urassaya


sarNie Adult
Poor 'big' Petra in Ramin was thrown and kicked by 'little' Ramin in Petra. She looks so hurt. Felt sorry for her but can't help to laugh. Yaya's so cool and manly acting as Ramin. Nadech in tight lingerie is :risas3:

The way Nadech/Yaya walk as lady/man is so funny. It's hard for Yaya to act as a man pretending to be woman and for Nadech to act as a woman pretending to be a man. lol I'm so confused. They have done a very good job. Love all their scenes together.

The scenes with Nok Yoong are so boring and the Korean girl kept repeating Ramin can't be trusted.


sarNie Adult
my review on ep5

NY- holy damn so funny xD i lose it when petra/nadech blame ramin/yaya for falling asleep and ruining the mediation(?) and the bath scene <so hairy :D > and when ramin/yaya was walking in heels LOL. i'm really impressed by them and the director for how they constructed the scenes with NY, it was fast-pace and it felt like i was in for a ride when watching them, so probz to them and CANT WAIT FOR YAYA RAPING NADECH scene. (she's getting pay back so that time in GRGR) ;) xD

NY + Mor- OMG i love love that mediation scene when they started chanting together like WTF lol, so EXTRA. i dont know if it was their facial expressions or the dialogue or their gestures but everything was so perfectly hilarious to me and when Mor suggested that they sleep together (? i'm not sure on the translation) but that was funny.

Tor and Ice- tor was cool to me, i appreciated that he tried his best to create an explosive chemistry between his character and Ice but i'm not feeling it. I do, however think he was cute running around to find a plaster for ice and his day-dreams. Ice...well not much can i say as i skipped most of her parts. i seriously think they have lessen her part with the korean girl, as i dont see it being essential in the lakorn. all they ever talk about is ramin being untrustworthy... i'd rather see her and tor have more time being cute together or do something funny then having so much nonsense-dialogue...

overall i'd rate this ep 3/5
looking forward to tonight's ep, which reminds i need to go buy snacks for tonight, all those yummy food Ads r killing me.
still can't believe we r almost done with the series :'(


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Yaya looking gorgeous, love the second pic posted That is my favorite, sexy girl


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Ramin must have drank the herbal soup thing that Nok Yoong made for him but one of the ingredients makes women aroused (the shopkeeper said so in yesterday's episode) so since he drank it while in Petra's body he is feeling the effects of it :risas3::risas3:
I can't wait to watch today's episode :pancarta::cheer: