[CH3] Lai Kinnaree (Act Art): TikJessadaporn / Yaya Urassaya

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    About Yaya's new drama, there's a rumored that Yaya will work with @actart_gen production which belongs to P' Aof Pongpat and P'@thanya.wachi
    That lakorn could be Lai Kinnaree

    eng trans by : @urassaya.fanpage @IG
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    • Ảnh chụp Màn hình 2017-05-23 lúc 17.20.12.png
    • Lai Kinaree is a novel by Dr. Pongsakorn Jindawatana, a famous author. Many of his novels have already been used to make lakorns. His novels have distinctive style in harmonizing suspence, horror, supernatural, or fantasy with drama and romance. And most of them are also historic. Lai Kinaree is the first of 3 books in Ayudhaya Lady Detectives series. Lai Kineree is brandnew novel just released in April. Lai Kinaree is a romantic historical suspense novel. The story occurred in Kingdom of Ayutthaya (Thailand around 300 years back.) It was during King Narai era which his reign was the most prosperous during the Ayutthaya period and had the great commercial and diplomatic activities with foreign nations especially the west which were in new imperialism era of great power nations in Europe.) Lady Pudsorn, a young and beautiful lady who is intelligent and skillful in medical profession including forensic examination whic she studies from her late father who was one of the most famous doctor in Ayutthaya. Lady Pudsorn had to involve in finding the truth which existence of the country was at stake. Because it is the death of an important french ship caption who died while wearing a Pha Nung (Thai style wrap around skirt) with Lai Kinaree pattern which was only for 'female' royal members!
    • The story has combination of the forensic science and investigation like CSI and Korean historic series 'Dong Yi', the medical profession like 'Dae Jang Geum', some touch of political history, the culture and tradition of ancient people in that era, the disobidient behaviour of Nang Ek (female leading character) by being medical and forensic doctor in the era which still believed in tradition that women's duty was to be at home taking care of home and family, the immorality behaviors which were extremely unacceptable in that era like having affairs with married persons and being homosexual. And there were also the cuteness of how a man in that era tried to win a woman, the sweetness and verbal and physical interactions after they were engaged and after they got married. As well as the most envied awkward ever of Lady Pudsorn when two good-looking guys, with high profile qualification who she had to cooperate with during the investigation, both fell for her and competed to win her heart. "Lady Pudsorn ... had sparkling roundeyes, elegant slim physique, beautiful body smell ... wore lotus pink breat cloth and below ankle length Pha Nung wth exquisite pattern and put on golden bracelet decorated with beautiful gemstones."
    • And last but not least, who will be the casts for the roles of 2 guys who cooperated with Lady Pudsorn in the investigation and fell head over heel for her putting her in the most envied love triangle situation ever! Because one is the Thai guy with warm personality, Luang Indra Ratchapakdee (Luang meaning Lord) nickname Luang Indra, dark, tall and handsome gentleman with gorgeous manly face and beautiful mustache, a high-rank with bright future federal police who was the Metropolitan police director. ... Another one is a French guy with cuteness and Greek god gorgeousness, Monsieur Robert, crystal blue eyes and blonde hair gentleman with beaming smile, a French diplomat who was the secretary of a very powerful Army attache whom King Narai borrowed from King Louis XIV of France to be commissioner general of the army. ... Pra Ek (meaning the male leading character who got Nang Ek) was the Thai guy but the French Pra Rong (meaning the male leading character who always loses to Pra Ek when it's about love) was so drop dead gorgeous until the Pra Ek got to pull off his best card by asking his mother to arrange the engagement of him and Lady Pudsorn to get rid of his love rival's chance and to exercise his right of being fiance to be by Lady Pudsorn's side as much as possible to do every way physically, verbally to win her whole heart.
    cr: rosiemystica
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    Wow, I love it I hope it's true:)
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    From Pantip Thai Forum.

    Can't wait for more confirmation.

    I've been waiting for Yaya to have the opportunity to work with Pe Off and Pe Dang of Act Art.

    Read that Act Art had requested Yaya's queue five years ago to act with Anada but the channel didn't give them.


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    More fan arts.


    credit as tagged and Pantip Thai Forum
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    wow, super excited. Hope to hear more about this lakorn. :clap:
  7. amylovemeng1

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    Yay something new. I love medical and crime genre so looking forward to it. Hopefully we get a new p'ek too.
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  8. x.ATKD.x

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    Go Yaya !.
    Does anyone have a preference on which male lead would be good for this ?
  9. I'd like for Yaya to pair up with Mario once! :)
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    If she really confirm for this drama that would be great to see her in historical drama. She will be on a roll having more dramas for next year.
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    How exciting. It would definitely be nice to see Yaya working with Act Art where P'Off can help her to do things beyond her comfort zone. Wasn't the rumor of Yaya's lakorn with James Ma for Mam Thitama's production also said to be a novel by Mor Phongsakorn? Anyways, gosh I hope they don't end up picking someone like Poh Nattawaut for the Thai praek.
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    OMG this looks amazing! I love LOVE historical dramas in general so this will be my first Thai historical lakorn to watch and Im really excited for it. Yaya looks ridiculously gorgeous in Thai traditional outfits so she definitely suits the look. I wonder who they will cast for the male lead especially since its supposed to be a tall, dark and masculine looking guy.
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  13. Lol. Tall and dark dang Mario and Ken P are out the door! They both are pale. :p
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    Could be Great W!
  15. Vimalee

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    Yes, many people have mentioned Great W.

    Someone said this will be Pe Off last lakorn and then he would like to take a break.
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    I would love to see Ya with Act Art, it would definitely expand her acting experience since I feel like No Problem is dragging her down. Plus this kind of plot is drastically different from her other lakorns. I also need to see her with a different p'ek. Hopefully it's someone I like and not Bomb or Toey or an old p'ek.
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  17. Sure thing. I agree! :p
  18. mimiou91

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    woooow i'm so exited the story look so good and intersting can't wait for the confiramtion and know with whom she'll act
  19. Oh? Right! A new P'ek is fine! As long as not with Nadech! Oh goodness! :p
  20. Sure thing! Correct I am not a NYFC but I'm not hating! Lol. I just want them to challenge themselves with other talented A-list actors and actresses! :)

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