[CH3] Fai Kammathep


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Someone once asked me about this lakorn ... luckily, I stumbled upon it today so enjoy!

Starring: Art Supawat & Ning Kullastree
Synopsis: (In short -- this is kindda like the modern twist of Koo Gum on the part that she's prideful and made a promise with her Thai boyfriend lol)
Kenneth (Art) is an American.  He's friend and roommate with Uma (Ning)'s older brother while he was in America. One day, Ken accidentally saw a photo of Uma from one of her mail to her brother. He then developed an affection for her and secretly love her from afar.  Uma had a boyfriend at the time and was engaged to him when Ken came to visit Thailand with her brother.  During the visit there, Ken found out from her brother that her family's business is failing and are in millions of debt.  Ken offered to use his inheritance moeny to help Uma's family under the condition that she must marry him and give him a child within a year.  He will divorce her like her one year proposal BUT if she can't give him a child within the first year then she has to stay with him for another year. After the second year, if she can't conceive a child for him then he will divorce her. He also made a condition that he must be her first while this condition take place.  Due to her hatred, pride and her deceased aunt's situation (her aunt married a foreigner and committed suicide after he left her), she refused his offer. 
Eventually, she was cornered to make a decision because if she refused her father will go to jail and her family will be destroyed.  She eventually gave in and married Ken.  Both of them experience a lot of hurdle during their marriage due to lots of misunderstanding between the n'rai and the boyfriend.   Uma eventually fell for Ken but because she made some sort of promise to her boyfriend, she have to stick with it til the end.  One day, she was drugged to have sleep with her ex-boyfiend, who at this time has a wife already.  This was a set up done by the n'rai because she's obsessed with Ken and wanted him.  She took some photos of the two drugged friends and sent to the photos to stir up trouble between Uma and Ken.  Ken saw the photos and assumed that the reason why Uma took the pregnancy pill to avoid getting pregnant was that she long to be with her ex-boyfriend.  He got upset, packed his belongings and left Uma at her parent's house to only get drunk and slept with the n'rai.  The n'rai told Uma that Ken has moved on with his life.  Uma was sadden because at that time she's pregnant with Ken's child and don't want to let Ken know for he might come back to take what's left from her away to be his...as for the rest, please watch and tune in to find out the ending yourself. Enjoy!
Stream here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLewwO7qkm6PiVzODJ0Td_HYOudrhuY-Tz
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