[Ch3] Dao Kaew Duen (Broadcast Thai)


sarNie Oldmaid
Just caught the first episode. So far its going well, ok i guess. Nowadays Im just not too found of the build up episodes in most lakorns, but they are necessary though. A few funny parts in the first episode was them mentioning Rang Ngao, and I think I saw James Ji as a candidate for Janie's sperm donor? LoL
I love the first like 20 mins of the lakorn the best. And I think im alrady in love with the OST. 


sarNie OldFart
^ Lol. I haven't watch it yet. I'll watch it in a bit. Excited though. Broadcast Thai always pick out good songs for their OST. :D


`my dragon's blood is blue`
Just watched the first episode also. I think it has potential. I've always admired Janie's acting. Not a fan of Um though, but he looks really good in this show. I like that they have P'On Sipan as one of Janie's bffs. She's hilarious! The fact that Ah'Kai plays her husband is funny. Love them together. 


sarNie OldFart
The first episode is more of the introduction of each of the character. I have one compliant though,. I dislike the effect they put in the video. I dislike how they blur the edges of each scene (if ya know what I mean by this, lol).  It annoyed me throughout the whole episode. I seriously don't like it.  
I LMAO in that scene when they were struck in the elevator. The little needed to pee, and Janie told her to pee in there, while Aum was like "No! Hold on to it." Lol. Just when she started peeing, the elevator door opened. Ha. Funny. 
Janie on the morning show.


sarNie Tombstone
thanks AyLove 4 sharing i shall watch epi1 tonight cos just got back home from my college 


sarNie Egg
btw i would like to ask all of you , while I saw the clip, do you think the series have a some part with BAD COUPLE ( K Drama ) ? But I don't care becauseI would like to see the modern Khun Chai ... and I love Aum also Janie ...  


sarNie Hatchling
I'm not that big of a fan of Janie or Aum but this lakorn has an interesting plot. It's not your typical lakorn. It's very modernized with the whole concept of women empowerment. Lol. I like! Too bad I won't get to see the 2nd episode until next week! But yayy. I have something else to watch. I hope it gets more interesting.   


sarNie Egg
-AyLove- said:
^ I don't know if anyone will be subbing this lakorn on youtube but there is a page on Viki. 
Can't help but post my first comment on this forum, thank you for posting the link of the eng sub of this super fun to watch lakorn. 
I love rom-com thai series and I'm always rooting for a strong character nang'ek that's why I'm very sure that I'm going to love this lakorn.
Once again you're are a nang fah for sharing the link.


sarNie Egg
annea said:
Does anyone know where I can find the theme song?
copy the thai title below and website

I have the theme song on repeat :)


sarNie Juvenile
I watched the first ep and this was pretty interesting, I like that she's an independent woman and she's not really scared of standing up for herself and speaking up when she's not happy. I was a bit annoyed with the whole " I don't care what any of you have to say, I'm having a child without a husband/father" they're just trying to talk some sense into her cause she seems to have a romaticised version of what being a single working mother is, I think her brother brought up a good point where he was like " what are you going to tell your kid when they're older about where their father is?" Because the truth would be instead of a one night stand or even a bf who couldn't handle being a father,she didn't actually have any romantic connections with the father but chose him from a list of donors. I know that she will eventually fall in love with the guy, but if it wasn't a lakorn and she was doing this for real, she would be a bit selfish in a way. I'm liking everything so far, except AyLove, I don't like the random blurring effects they seem to have thrown in and all the other random effects in there, I could also do without the other story of the ex bf and his wife and mistress.


sarNie Adult
I love the songs of this lakorn already. Janie and Aum look super cute together. Glad they are reunited. Janie look extra pretty in this lakorn, I think it's because of her character and her wardrobe. Her friends are so cute, helping her out and always be there for her even though they are married. Omg! That lady played Lift's wife came back to play lakorn now haven't see her in ages. She used be n'ek back in the days, but I never liked her as n'ek anyways lol.


- Marina ♥
Just watched the first 10 minutes and I'm loving it so far. The feel of this lakorn is really sophisticated. The OST is incredible as well, love how it played on when Janie and Aum were in their cars and driving through town. Can't wait to see more~