[Ch3] Dao Kaew Duen (Broadcast Thai)


sarNie Hatchling
based on the translation from Chinese Thai Larkon Forum , it is Umm Atichart..

Does anyone can confirm this message because I can't read Thai....


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ตอนแรกวางตัว "โป๊ป" ธนวรรธน์ ประกบคู่กับ เจนี่ เทียนโพธิ์สุวรรณ ใน "ดาวเกี้ยวเดือน" แต่ล่าสุดแว่วๆ ว่าผู้จัด "หน่อง" อรุโณชา เปลี่ยนพระ-นาง เป็น "อั้ม"อธิชาติ กับ "เชอรี่" เข็มอัปสร ซะงั้น

New lakorn is Dao Kaew Duen Producer is Khun Nong Broadcast she wanted to pair Pope with Janie and
Aum Atichart with Cherry


sarNie Hatchling
I'll just let it go....
If it's P'Pope's role it wil be his oneday....
If it is not his then whatever...
:heart: :heart: :heart:

Cupid Candy

sarNie Coma
Aum should be paired with Janie again, don't like his pairing with Cherry. Wow this is Cherry's year, lakorns one after another.


sarNie Adult
Ah yay! I've always been waiting for a reunion of them too! Yes, finally! LOL


sarNie Juvenile
omg, im excited! pope has such a sweet, cute, innocent smile!
I want to see aff and him together.. I secretly want to see him
with yaya also! lol. wait, is this confirmed?


sarNie OldFart
wait... what is going on here??? i'm confuse now.

Pope's no longer pra'ek in here? if so that sad and suck a lot! i want him in his own lakorn.
but if he is still in here and his nang'ek is Janie then that';s a super!!
in the other hand, if this lakorn is like tard ruk,where there are two couples, then i wouldn't mind since they're
cherry/aum and pope/jaine. i love them all very much. if pope not pra'ek in here then he better get
a lakorn where he's pra;ek for sure!!! That boy need a lakorn where he plays a pra'ek role. i know he's in SJ
but i want one him in a one whole lakorn.


sarNie Tombstone
man Cherry she's not just reunion with Aum she also reunion with Ken for 2 lakorn occasion Ruk Khun Tao Fah/Sadtroo Sanae Ha


sarNie Tombstone

guys good news the pra'ek is still remain as P'Pope and nang'ek is Cherry
Aum is only a rumour and fan request
Pope and Cherry looks cute plus Pope/Cherry are about the same in age man Cherry better not wear heel shoes since
she is pretty tall