[Ch3] Dang Duang Hareuthai (Who & Who) : Tik J/Kim Kimberley

Discussion in 'Currently broadcasting & New Lakorn' started by Mahalo, Jan 8, 2016.

  1. MKfan132

    MKfan132 sarNie Granny

    They look great.
  2. koadadai

    koadadai sarNie Hatchling

    Someone says that the princess have to learn 4 languages.

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  3. "peace"

    "peace" sarNie Tombstone

    my reaction

    i'm speechless
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  4. koadadai

    koadadai sarNie Hatchling

    To be a princess is a hard work. ;)
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  5. koadadai

    koadadai sarNie Hatchling

    So kim learn these languages just for ThongEAk to promote?
    While filming, but also preparing for the promotion activities, the princess is really busy.
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  6. "peace"

    "peace" sarNie Tombstone

    so it' not related to this ?
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  7. MKfan132

    MKfan132 sarNie Granny

  8. Rachfull

    Rachfull Pope's #1 Mia RAK

    I agree @phatman, you should just move on from the Samee. He'll be with me a long time yet :celebrate16:
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  9. KitKat516

    KitKat516 sarNie Oldmaid

    Probably not. THANK GOODNESS!!!
  10. phatman

    phatman POPE's #1 MIA LUANG

    Um. No.
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