Ch3 Calendar 2014


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Here is the eng sub to katelyn's posted vdo credit to [email protected]
This is what i want, simple yet pretty! I love the colours of yaya and taew's dresses, both girls look gorgeous!!
And forget about the kookwans, I am totally shipping mario and nadech's bromance, they are so cute when doing interviews together!!!! LOL @mario having to jump like 200 times, and buying 12 calenders so you dont have to turn the pages for the whole yr. Loving these 4 together already!!


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More BTS pictures. Credit: TVMAGAZINE ฉบับพิเศษละครทีวี's Facebook.

Notes: Man, Mew Nitta is scary skinny... :shock2: Bargie are off in their own little world as if Marie and Mint N. aren't even there with them. :coverlaf: Oh, they (TVMAGAZINE) don't have any pictures of Mark - Kim and Anne - Mart...yet. :lol: The picture of the two James and Bomb with Janie looks so awkward... -_- Ew, not fond of Nadech's crown and hairstyle in the picture of him, Yaya, Pat, and Mario...I don't like Mario's crown, too, but he looks a little bit better. But their outfits are beautiful! Cherry, it feels like years since I last saw you. :bhehe: Louis - Mint Chalida - Bella - other girl whom I don't recognize at the moment; ahh, I got it now; it's Yardthip...weird combination... The girls are fine and pretty, and so is Louis, but uh...they don't have that group appeal. They're still ok, though. :D