Ch3’s 48th Anniversary/Soccer Game


The guys gathering for rehearsal at maleenont tower! I have never found Por appealing but dude, the older he gets, the more appealing he’s becoming!! Love him, he’s got good humors and is always so hilarious! Lol :p
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I never care for Poh either but the actor is aging gracefully too! All these young pretty actors better watch out and take good care! Lol @xodxo


I think if these young and pretty actors today don’t take care of themselves or ask advices from Poh, Ken T or Tik they might out age these veterans! Lol! Seriously alot of these younger stars are looking almost or as old as the veterans! You cannot even tell sometimes who is older! :risas3::thumbup: @phatman @xodxo


sarNie OldFart
NY are joined at the hip, gorilla superglued. So glad the others are mixed up this year.

Kim looks so much better and younger with nude or lighter color lipstick. The red that she's been favoring lately made her looked like she's in her late 30s to early 40s. She lost a lot of weight and looks darn cute with her hair straight. Just lay off the red lipstick!!