Cee, Nam, and Tai


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sphek said:
Cee and Nam look like brother. R they brother ?? :huh:
Cee looks cute!

no they not nam looks like my uncle omg :lol: cee is cute nam just remind of my uncle thats cool though its like nam twins

***edit alot of people say he ugly :lol: but oh well i think he cute***


sarNie Adult
damn..the 3 of them look HOT!! hahaha...Tye is very handsome...LOLZ


sarNie Hatchling
DANG Tye was there to.. So HOTTTTTTTTT!!! Cee is HOOTTT always.. Nam is not bad looking but just not as hot tas the other two.. I seems like a ponds event.. Are the three of them spokesperson for it?? Never knew Tye would get to work with them considering they are from different channels..


sarNie Hatchling
They all look hot but i think they all look a little bit alike. I think all 3 of them could be brothers or cousins or something. Maybe that's an idea for a next lakorn lol


sarNie Egg
hello everyone, where can i find some of nam's lakorn...?
i love one of his lakorn where his name was poo in the movie and he was working for some k music company and the main character for the girl had to be his assistant and her name in the lakorn was namtha...does anyone by any chance know the title of this lakorn that im talking about? if u do, please let me know. :D