Cee & Cheer" New Lakorn Pic"


sarNie Elites
finally about time for cheer to leave her hair long! she looks good but sad part is she has a thin hairs.. anyways.. what it about? it's cool to see cee pairs up with cheer since he always said she's like his little sister... sweet!


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she doesnt really thin hairs like caucasians who have very fine thin hair. it was like a fad in thailand to get their hair cut in layers called "lag sai." i dunno this past summer i saw almost everyone esp. at siam with that hairdo. its like layered all at the top and then really thin like a rats tail at the ends. my cousin got it done and it kinda ruined her hair. haha sorry kinda off topic. but cheer and cee look ok together. they seem to look alike like their baggies under thier eyes, nose and mouth


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cee always look younger than cheer. I just noticed that right now. But Cee is still cute. Anywyas, thanks for sharing.


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Kelly said:
them in another lakorn again! wow when are they gonna pair him wit mo again also!
yeah huh i know i like cee and mo together, i think their really cute together


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can someone reupload the photos? i wanted to make a new banner with them .. i love them together!

cee and cheer forever :]