Can't Rescind of Seeing You


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Can’t Rescind of Seeing You
also called:
Can't Rescind from Seeing You

For meaning: Never Get Tire of Seeing You

drama or stories locate to this too: Sungkyunkwan scandal
this a period story, like those period drama in ancient korea


park shin hye as kim chun hei

jung so min as choi cho hee

lee min ho as lee chung ho

song joong ki as park dong min

choi si won as kang dong sun

jang geun suk as yang sang ki

kim bum as jung hyun ki​

right now these are all the characters allow.

Kim Chun Hei’s Info
It was during the period time. Kim Chun Hei is a young, smart, kind, beautiful, respectful, and generous girl, that really want to go to school and earn money for her family. Four years ago, Kim Chun Hei father die, but his death seems like a murder, but only Kim Chun Hei’s mom know, but she just kept silence. Back to this year, Kim Chun Hei work with her uncle at a library, where nobles dumb sons come and pay money for them to do their school works, and even go exam.

Lee Chung Ho Info

Lee Chung Ho, a noble son, his father is the Minister of War that works for the king, and also a close friend of the king too. Lee Chung Ho is a smart, handsome, rich, and respectful son, and all girls in the town that see him, like him.

Choi Cho Hee Info

Choi Cho Hee dad is a best friend of the king, so it makes Choi Cho Hee a really rich girl too. Choi Cho Hee is a smart, beautiful, and she is a perfect girl that every guy would want, but what she wants the most is go to school, but the school is only allow to boys.
Choi Cho Hee have a brother and a sister, she live with her parent.

Park Dong Min Info

Park Dong Min, a playboy, handsome, rich, and smart son of a noble family. Park Dong Min is popular guy at school, and even outside school.

Kang Dong Sun Info

Kang Dong Sun, is the Minister of Law son, he is a man that always looking mad all the time, he hate messing around, and hate the people that is smarter than him. Kang Dong Sun is a very smart son too, but one thing about him is when he fall in love it’ll be very fast, like first sight of love.

Short preview:
Kim Chun Hei a girl that works really hard to earn money for her family and is in the cover as a boy, after get to take an exam for another person’s, she got send to learn in a school where nobles and ministers sons enter. Choi Cho Hee a young girl from a rich family and also a close friend of the king also came to the same ways as Chun Hei too, but one thing is while she enter the school, she met her fiancée Park Dong Min. While in stuck of school both Chun Hei and Cho Hee start to have feelings for their roommates.
What will happen, will everyone finds out that they’re both girls, or will they still be an unknown secrets??…..


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Awe this is really cute, def another version of SungkyunKwan Scandal, I love it! It's my favorite drama right now.


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Can't Rescind of Seeing You

Episode 1
Back to the ancient time in Korea, Seoul. Kim Chun Hei dad just died 4 years ago, and leave Kim Chun Hei and her mom plus her 2 siblings alone in hiding. But Kim Chun Hei and her siblings never know that they’re in hiding.
Dream. “ Kim Kwang Ho, you die!” a man in a black suit cover up say, then he kill Kim Chun Hei’s dad. End Dream.
“ AHHH!” Kim Chun Hei yell from her dream. Try to caught her breath again.
“ What happen, darling?” Kim Chun Hei’s mom enter the room.
“ Mom, I’m scare, I’m scare that dad die because of being murder, not die because of sickness.” Kim Chun Hei say to her mother and her mom hug her.
“ Kim Chun Hei, don’t be scare like that, nothing has happen to your dad, he just got sick and die, that’s all so don’t think about murder again.” Kim Chun Hei mother tell her.

“ Huh, today I’ll be rich.” Kim Chun Hei say to herself, with a happy smile.
Kim Chun Hei carry her backpack and walk straight to her uncle’s library store.
She enter.
“ Hello, uncle.” Kim Chun Hei say. “ You’re here!” her uncle reply.
“ Today, we have a guest that want you to do his works.” her uncle say.
Kim Chun Hei release her backpack and sit on the table.
“ Hello.” Kim Chun Hei say.
The guy turn around.
A handsome and cute guy turn around.
He reply, “ Hello, I’m Park Dong Min.”
“ Oh, so my worker is a guy, huh.” Park Dong Min say, with a hot lip.
Kim Chun Hei look at herself, then answer, “ Yeh, I’m a boy.”
Park Dong Min walk toward Kim Chun Hei and put his books on the table.
“ Do this for me and I’ll give you 50 dollars.” Park Dong Min say then walk toward the door.
“ Huh, 50 dollars, yes,” Kim Chun Hei whisper to herself.
Then she turn back to Park Dong Min and reply, “ Yes!”
He smile, then walk out.

“ Hah! Daddy, you already engage me to someone?!” Choi Cho Hee ask her dad, with shock.
“ Yes, you are engage to one of my friend too, his son is very handsome, I’m sure you’ll like him, Cho Hee, oh his name is Park Dong Min.” Choi Cho Hee dad tell her.
Cho Hee frown.

“ Sister! Sister Cho Hee! Wait!” Cho Hee sister yell at her to wait.
“ Yes, is there anything happen?” Cho Hee ask her sister, Choi Eun Mi.
Eun Mi answer, “ Oh, no, but did dad give you a paint of how your fiancée look like?”
“ No, he just say he look handsome, and he is sure that I’ll like that dude.” Cho Hee reply.
“ Sister, you want to go with me at the store?” Eun Mi ask.
“ Sure.” Cho Hee nodded back.

“ Hey boss, do you think that Lee Chung Ho could enter our school?” Kang Dong Sun servant guy ask him.
“ He could, but he’ll be in hell, if he come.” Kang Dong Sun reply.
He smile, then kept walking.
“ Sister, look, there’s a blue ribbon for your dress.” Eun Mi say to Cho Hee.
Cho Hee look at the ribbon then smile.
“ Ahh, oh my god, I finally find a ribbon that match my dress.” Cho Hee reply.
Cho Hee pick up the ribbon and gave the money to the owner.
Cho Hee and Eun Mi walk forward.

“ Ahh.” Cho Hee yell.
Cho Hee look up and it was the son that was her neighbor son.
“ Uh, uh, sorry.” Cho Hee say, then she quickly pick her ribbon up.
“ You just going to say sorry then leave!” Kang Dong Sun servant guy say to Cho Hee.
Cho Hee walk up and say, “ Who are you to tell me that, huh.”
The servant guy step back.
“ Who cares, lets go.” Kang Dong Sun say.
Then he walk toward Cho Hee and push her by the shoulder.
“ Huh.” Cho Hee sound.
“ Lets, go sister.” Eun Mi say then pull her sister forward.
Cho Hee was mad.

“ Mom, today I’ve work and I got 50 dollars.” Chun Hei tell her mom.
“ Good for you, Chun Hei, it’s good that you also work too, so that mom don’t really have to be that much worry about you.” Chun Hei mom reply.
Then Chun Hei mom walk to get the foods.
Chun Hei turn to her brother, then say, “ Chin Ho, are you feeling better?”
Chin Ho look at her then pretend to smile.
He answer, “ Yes, sister, thanks to you and mom.”
Chun Hei smile.
Her mom bring the food to the small table and laid it there.
“ Lets eat.” her mom say.
Then they all went to sit around the table and eat.
Chun Hei was very happy that her family is getting better.
“ Huh, dad why, why do I have to go meet her, mostly girls always come meet me, dad.” Park Dong Min say to his dad.
“ Son, don’t be like this, is girl is a very smart and a very beautiful girl, I already saw her before, she’s a perfect woman for you.” Dong Min dad tell Dong Min.
“ Okay, okay, we’ll do what you said, dad.” Dong Min reply.
“ I’m going to go out for a bit.” Dong Min walk to the door.
“ Dong Min! right now is night time already, why do you always being like this!?” Dong Min dad yell at him.
He answer, “ Dad, I’ll come back tomorrow, so that you’ll not be ashamed.”
He walk out.

“ Huh, a new girl for me, I must be lucky then, to get a rich girl to be my future wife.” Dong Min say to himself, walking out in the street to the Mistresses house.
In the Mistresses house.
“ Hush, Hye Su, I miss you.” Dong Min say to one of the mistress that he was hugging.
“ Oh Dong Min, I miss you too.” Hye Su reply.
“ You know what, tomorrow I’ll get to see me fiancée.” Dong Min tell Hye Su.
She reply, “ Oh, really, then you must forget about me then, huh.”
Dong Min reply, “ Me, I’ll never forget, but maybe not sure.”
“ Dong Min, yah!” Hye Su reply.
Dong Min was drunk.

“ Sister, you’re really going out to the store alone?” Eun Mi ask Cho Hee.
Cho Hee reply, “ Yes, you go back to sleep, okay, right now, go.”
Eun Mi turn back and walk to her room.
Cho Hee walk silently to the gate door, then went outside.
“ Yes, yes! I finally get to go out!” Cho Hee yell.
“ Oops.” Cho Hee cover her mouth.
Then she walk quickly. She was wearing like a guy.

Cho Hee walk silently to the store that she bought the ribbon, but it was already close.
Then she hear a sound from the store and she turn back. It was robbers robbing the store.
“ Huh, you! Why are you guys robbing the store, ahhh!” Cho Hee yell to the robbers.
The robbers turn back and see Cho Hee then they chase her. Cho Hee run as fast as she could.

“ Boss, Lee Chung Ho, are you going to sleep yet?” Lee Chung Ho servant guy ask him.
He answer, “ Not yet, I’m reading.”
His servant then reply, “ But you have read for two days now, without stopping.”
Chung Ho look at his servant then say, “ Then you go back and go sleep.”
“ Chung Ho, okay, I’ll go.” his servant reply.
“ Ahh! Help me!” Cho Hee yell out.
Then she run to a house, and knock on the door.
“ Please help, please help me!” Cho Hee say.
Then a girl open the door.
“ What happen and who are you?” the girl ask.
Cho Hee reply, “ Please let me in first, I got chase by some robbers, please help me.”
Then the girl let Cho Hee in.
A moment later.
“ Who are you?” the girl mom ask.
“ Uh, I’m Choi Cho Hee and I’m a girl, not a guy.” Cho Hee reply.
The family were shock.
“ And thank you, and sorry to bother you all, I’m sorry.” Cho Hee say.
“ Oh no, it’s alright.” the girl say.
“ So what’s your name?” Cho Hee ask.
“ Uh, I’m Kim Chun Hei, and this is my brother, Kim Chin Ho and my mom, and my younger sister, Kim Chung Ae.”
Cho Hee bow, “ Nice to meet you all.”
“ Would you like to sleep over to make sure that you’ll be safe?” Chun Hei mom ask Cho Hee.
Cho Hee answer, “ Uh, sure, but I’m really sorry to bother you all a lot.”
“ It’s alright.” Chun Hei mom reply.

The next day morning.
“ Thank you, thank you, thank you very much.” Cho Hee say to Chun Hei’s family.
“ It’s alright.” Chun Hei mom say.
“ If you guys need help, come to me anytime, I live near the Kang’s family house, so if you all need help come tell me if I could help you all.” Cho Hee say.
“ Cho Hee, here, here is some dough that my mom and I made it, so we also prepare some for you too.” Chun Hei say.
Then she handed the back of dough to Cho Hee hand.
Cho Hee look at the basket then look at them and say, “ Thank you, thank you very much.” Cho Hee was about to cry.
“ What happen?” Chin Ho ask Cho Hee.
“ Nothing, this just remember me of one of my auntie that use to cook these for me when I go to there house, but now they all disappear.” Cho Hee reply, then bow to them and leave. They all wave to her.

“ Lee Chung Ho, you wake up early.” Chung Ho dad say.
Chung Ho walk to his dad and say, “ Dad today is the exam, I need to go now, bye.” he bow to his dad then left.
“ I’m glad that your mom left you as a precious gift for me, son.” Chung Ho dad say to himself.
Episode 2 preview:
“ Lee Chung Ho, Kim Kyu Bong, and Bae Yong Suk come here!” said the king.
“ No, I will not let you go to that school at all.” said Kim Chun Hei mom.
“ Yes, yes! So happy, I get to go to school! ahhh!” said Choi Cho Hee.
“ Yep, my fiancée run away from me to go stay at a temple.” Park Dong Min said to his mistress.

see if you're interest in it, thanks!


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Can't Rescind of Seeing You


Episode 2

At the exam.
“ Please show your ID to us when you get here!” said an exam worker.
“ Huh, they also need to check names too.” said Choi Cho Hee.
“ Good, that I already bring Bae Yong Sook ID.” Cho Hee said.
“ Hush, I should never come here, but good that he already give me his ID.” say Kim Chun Hei. Holding the ID.
In the exam place.
“ Everyone! Sit on the place that has your name on it!” said the announcer.
“ Where’s Kim Kyu Bong seat?” Chun Hei ask herself, then she bump to Lee Chung Ho.
“ Ho, sorry, sorry.” Chun Hei say to Chung Ho.
Chung Ho ignore. Then walk away.
“ What kind of guy is he?” Chun Hei ask herself, then turn around and see the seat that has Kim Kyu Bong name. As she walk to it, a guy come and walk in front of her and accidentally push her.
“ Oh, are you alright?” ask another man.
Chun Hei look up and it was Cho Hee.
“ Choi Cho Hee?” Chun Hei ask.
Cho Hee remember then she cover Chun Hei mouth.
“ Shhhhhh.” Cho Hee push Chun Hei down to sit.
As they sit, Cho Hee begin to talk.
“ Don’t tell anyone, okay, and think that I’m a guy not a girl, okay, please, please, I please you, please.” Cho Hee say.
Chun Hei look at her for a minute, then answer, “ Okay, I will, but you keep secret too, okay, that I’m a guy too.”
Cho Hee smile then reply, “ Okay, promise?”
“ Promise.” Chun Hei answer.
“ Hah! My fiancée run to the temple, so that she don’t have to see me?” Park Dong Min ask Eun Mi.
Eun Mi look worry then answer, “ No, she just want to go relax her mind first, that’s what she go for.”
Dong Min laugh.
“ Huh, go relax mind?. What kind of girl is she?” Dong Min ask himself.
Eun Mi answer, “ Very smart, pretty, and nice.”
“ Oh-ho, smart and go to temple?” Dong Min ask.
“ Yes, go to temple.” Eun Mi reply.
“ Everyone has finish their exam, now the king will come and choose who will get to go to Sungkyunkwan school!” yell the announcer to the crowd.
A minute later.
“ First, Park Dong Ki!” announce the king.
Thirty minutes later.
“ Lee Chung Ho, Kim Kyu Bong, and Bae Yong Suk come here!” said the king.
Kim Chun Hei was worry.
“ Come here!” the announcer yell.
They all come out.
The king begin, “ Lee Chung Ho, I like your writing words very much, Kim Kyu Bong, your sentences makes the writing interesting, Bae Yong Sook, your writing gives me the fluent in every words and gives me the perfect sounds, so I pick all of you to go to Sungkyunkwan!”
Cho Hee was happy, as much as Chung Ho, and Chun Hei was worry.
The king walk to them.
“ Lee Chung Ho, I’m sure you’ll go.” say the king to Chung Ho.
Chung Ho reply, “ Yes, thanks for your words.”
“ Kim Kyu Bong, you’re going right?” ask the king.
Chun Hei was worry, then answer, “ Uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, yeh-yeh-yes, thank you, thank you, very much.”
The king smile.
He turn to Cho Hee.
“ How about you, Bae Yong Sook?”
Cho Hee smile then answer, “ Yes, yes, yes sure!”
The king smile, then say, “ Good.” then he turn back.
“ Kim Kyu Bong, you pass the exam.” Chun Hei tell Kyu Bong.
Kyu Bong answer, “ But how about my girlfriend, we’re going to marry soon, and I don’t want to go away from her.”
Chun Hei look around.
Then Kyu Bong handed Chun Hei lots of money.
“ Please go for me, please.” he say to Chun Hei.
Chun Hei don’t know what to say, but to care for her family she will do.
Chun Hei think for a bit then answer, “ Okay, I will, but you’ll have to pay me for going to school for you, like every month.”
Kyu Bong smile, “ Thanks, thanks, I will.” he pat her shoulder.
“ No, I will not let you go to that school at all.” said Kim Chun Hei mom.
“ Mom, but if I don’t go, I can’t make money to help raise us all.” Chun Hei reply.
“ Then I’ll just go find more jobs that I could do, so that you’ll have to go to that school.” Chun Hei mom say, still cooking.
“ Mom, but, if I don’t go then my friend Kyu Bong cannot marry his girlfriend until some years, but then he love her really much and I already promise him that I’ll go so that he could marry his girlfriend.” Chun Hei tell her mom.
Her mom think for a bit then answer, “ Okay, you could go, but just watch out for your self, okay?”
Chun Hei answer, “ Okay, thanks mommy.”
She hug her mom.
At the mistress house.
Park Dong Min was drunk.
“ Yep, my fiancée run away from me to go stay at a temple.” Park Dong Min said to his mistress.
“ Oh, so sad, my Dong Min.” his mistress say then pour more drinks to him.
He kept drinking and drinking.
Cho Hee walk into her room.
“ Yes, yes! So happy, I get to go to school! ahhh!” said Choi Cho Hee.
She jump all around her room.
She start packing her stuff.
Then a knock on her door.
She open it and it was Eun Mi.
“ Eun Mi, is there anything you want to ask me, that’s why you’re here?” Cho Hee ask.
Eun Mi walk into the room and sit on the chair.
Eun Mi was wondering why her sister is packing.
“ How come you’re packing?” Eun Mi ask.
Cho Hee smile, then answer, “ For school.”
Eun Mi was shock, “ For school?!”
“ Yep, from now on, I’ll go to school and learn.” Cho Hee tell Eun Mi.
“ Sister, today your fiancée come and he was not happy, because he didn’t see you.” Eun Mi say.
“ Who cares about him, guys suck, they can never make you happy until the end.” Cho Hee say.
“ But, don’t tell dad and mom or anyone that I’m going to school, tell them that I went to the temple up in the mountain because I want to relax my mind.” Cho Hee tell her sister.
Eun Mi look everywhere then answer, “ Okay, I’ll not tell, but you have to come back home like at least 3 times in a month, okay.”
Cho Hee reply, “ Okay.”
Cho Hee walk out from the gate and kept walking.
“ Huh, she run away from me, she run, run, run!” Dong Min say, he was drunk walking around the blocks.
Cho Hee kept walking and see a drunk man coming toward her, she was scare.
Then Dong Min fell.
He did hic-up.
Cho Hee run to him and ask, “ Are you alright?”
Cho Hee grab Dong Min and lay his head on her lap.
Dong Min look at her eyes then say, “ You’re pretty.” he smile.
Cho Hee was confuse because she already dress like a guy already.
Dong Min fell sleep.
“ Hey, wake up, wake up!” Cho Hee tell Dong Min.
But Dong Min didn’t hear.
“ Huh, he so heavy too, why I have to stuck here with him, should I leave him here? No, I can’t that’s too mean, I’m not that mean, I’ll help him.” Cho Hee say.
Then Cho Hee put his right hand over her shoulder and help him go on.
“ Auntie! Auntie! Please open the door.” Cho Hee say.
Then the auntie open the door and see Cho Hee with a man.
“ Darling Cho Hee, who’s him?” the auntie ask.
Cho Hee answer, “ I don’t know, but he’s drunk and fell asleep.”
Then she take Dong Min into the house and lay him in a bedroom.
Then the auntie help wipe Dong Min and change his clothes.
“ Thanks auntie.” Cho Hee say.
“ Auntie so how’s Bae Yong Sook fever, is it getting better, or not?” Cho Hee ask the auntie.
“ Huh, Yong Sook fever is always get worse every time he went to walk outside.” the auntie answer.
“ Auntie, today I went to take the exam and I use Yong Sook name, and I pass, so I want to ask you if I could use Yong Sook name and I’ll give you more money to pay for medicine for Yong Sook health.” Cho Hee say.
The auntie answer, “ Cho Hee, you already give us too much, and this is just a small thing that we can pay back for you, me and Yong Sook will be happy to let you use Yong Sook name and ID.”
Cho Hee smile, then Yong Sook walk in and say, “ Yes, Cho Hee go learn, but just don’t let anyone know that you’re a woman then that’s all.”
Cho Hee smile.
Then Cho Hee walk into the bedroom and go look at Dong Min.
“ How come you’re drunk, huh, dude?” Cho Hee ask.
She look carefully at Dong Min’s face and touch his lip.
“ He’s cute and handsome.” Cho Hee say and smile.
The next morning, Dong Min wake up and see him sleep in a small room with some weird clothes that is not his.
He slowly touch his head and feel that it’s heavy.
“ What happen?” he ask.
Then a woman come in carrying a bowl of water and say, “ Oh, you’re awake?”
“ Yeh, and who are you and why am I here?” Dong Min ask.
Then the lady walk to him and tell him to wipe for himself. Then start talking.
“ Well, my name is aunt Cho Sun, and you’re here because my granddaughter help you.”
Dong Min was confuse, “ You’re granddaughter, who is she?” he ask.
Aunt Cho Sun answer, “ She already went back home.”
Dong Min shake his head, after he finish wiping himself he give the towel back to the lady.
Dong Min finish dressing up then walk out the door. He turn back.
“ Thank you, aunt Cho Sun and you’re granddaughter.” Dong Min say, then he went to his pocket and hand out some money.
“ Auntie, here’s a little money for you and your granddaughter, and your help, I’ll never forget.” Dong Min say then he smile and give the money to the lady hand.
The aunt refuse then give the money back to Dong Min.
“ Son, help is help, help doesn’t mean that you help for money, so aunt cannot accept it.” the lady say.
Dong Min refuse the money and gave it back to the aunt.
He say, “ Auntie please, please keep this money so that you could care for your son’s health, please, please keep it.”
The aunt don’t know what to do, but she accepts it.
“ Thank you son.” the aunt say.
“ Thanks to you too.” Dong Min say then he walk out from the house yard.
“ Ah! Yay! Finally I finally get to come to school like a human now! Yay!” Cho Hee yell with excitement.
Cho Hee see Chun Hei then she walk to her.
“ Chun Hei! Huh, I mean Kyu Bong! You’re here already, I’m so late then.” Cho Hee say.
Chun Hei look at Cho Hee then reply, “ Yep, very excited about this, so what do you pack?”
Cho Hee answer, “ I pack a lot, lots of stuff that for your body to not show.” she whisper to Chun Hei.
Chun Hei was surprise, “ Can I use too?” she ask.
Cho Hee smile, “ Yeh, but just watch out, and I hope we got the same room.”
Chun Hei frown, “ I hope so, because I’m scare to have roommates I don’t know.”
“ Me too.” Cho Hee reply.
“ Welcome everyone! We’ll introduce you all to our welcoming ceremony of Sungkyunkwan!” a man announce.
Then some people in costume come walking along toward all the new students that enter Sungkyunkwan.
After the dances performed by the costume peoples, they finally take their mask off.
“ Hello everyone! I’m a senior here and my name is Kang Dong Sun, the student president here!” Kang Dong Sun said.
Then all the guys with him take off their mask and Cho Hee remember them, one of the guy was the guy last night that she help.
“ Hello everyone! I’m Park Dong Min, a senior in this school, glad to meet you all here!” Dong Min announce.
The ceremony has been going on and on, then one of the workers in the school come out and post the rooms and roommates on the board.
Chun Hei and Cho Hee rush to go see the board.
“ Humh, where’s my name, did I get to be alone or not?” Cho Hee ask herself.
“ Hoh, my name is here, Kim Chun Hei with Lee Chung Ho and Jung Hyun Ki in room east 204, [she pause for a bit then finally get shock] oh my god, I got to be with, ahh, two men.” Chun Hei say with a shock face.
“ Me, where’s me, my name, oh my name is here, okay, west 304 with senior Park Dong Min, Park Dong Min!hoh!no,no, no.” Cho Hee say.
Then Park Dong Min walk around there and walk to Cho Hee.
“ You’re Bae Yong Sook, right?, that’s why you’re yelling my name, huh?” Dong Min ask Cho Hee.
Cho Hee was shock, don’t know what to say.
Then she answer, “ Yeh, I mean yes, I’m Bae Yong Sook, nice to meet you, senior Park Dong Min.”
Then Dong Min hand out his hand for a shake then Cho Hee look at his hand then back up to him then she shake hand with him.
He look weird at her then say, “ Your hand is very soft by the way you seems like you’re scare of me.”
Cho Hee then answer, “ Oh no, no, no I’m not scare of you, but just that I’m just too excited about this ceremony.”
Then Dong Min say hi to Chun Hei then he walk back.
“ He seems nice.” Chun Hei say. Cho Hee was shock.
Everyone gather up to where the student president is.
Kang Dong Sun announce, “ Everyone! You all will play a game that you all have to pair up together and try to find the puzzle where is it!”
Then Dong Min announce the pairs and Chun Hei got to be with Chung Ho and for Cho Hee she got to be with Nam Jae Sun.
Chun Hei and Chung Ho walk together. “ As the rain, rains waters are full like a bucket where you could go get drink.” Chung Ho read it then he knew it, “ At the water fountain.” he say. Then Chun Hei follow him.
Jae Sun walk with Cho Hee, Cho Hee started to like him and his talking.
“ Uh, Jae Sun do you know the riddle?” Cho Hee ask him.
“ Okay the riddle is like this, bumble bees love honey, honey is flying around the middle, surrounds by 5 colorful leaf, but as you can’t will have 1, 000s up, but only 1 will remain the prettiest.” Jae Sun say, then Cho Hee answer, “ It’s the garden!”
They two ran to the garden.
“ Water fountain, is right here, then what’s are next clue.” ask Chun Hei.
Chung Ho reply, “ Bucket will be full fill until you reach it’s sparks.”
Chun Hei knows it then she look at Chung Ho’s with her eyes beautifully then Chung Ho turn the other way and ask her, “ What are you going to say?”
Chun Hei smile, “ We’ll have to use the bucket and try to get the sparkling stuff in the water fountain, but that will take us a long time.”
Then Chung Ho run to get the bucket and use it to pull water out and try to get the sparkle.
“ Garden! The garden is so beautiful.” say Cho Hee acting like a girl.
Jae Sun look at Cho Hee with weird expression.
Cho Hee look at Jae Sun then say, “ I mean it’s very pretty, huh.” she pretend to touch a flower.
Jae sun turn around and look for the flower with colorful leaf.
“ Here, here! I got it!” Cho Hee say, then Jae Sun come to her and look at the flower but the flower one leaf got eat.
“ It’s not.” Jae Sun say then while he turn back, Cho Hee is going to fall down so she catch Jae Sun’s shirt and also makes him fall with her too.
“ Ahhh!” Cho Hee yell.
They both fall to the ground.
“ Ouch! It hurt.” Cho Hee say acting like a girl again, then she remember that she’s a guy so she yell, “ Ahh! It hurt!” she say like a guy voice.
“ Your voice seems weird every time you talk.” Jae Sun say then he stand up and help Cho Hee up. Cho Hee fell in love with him.
“ Huh, this is so tired, tired, I’m going to lose this game, I’m tire.” Chun Hei say.
Chung Ho went to sit down and turn around and he see a little sparkling stuff at the back of the other buckets.
He walk to there, “ Here, here!” he say then he pick up the sparkle circle.
“ Yeah, yeh!” Chun Hei yell then she jump up and down.
Chung Ho look at her weird, “ Oh, I was just too happy, you know, you know.” Chun Hei say to Chung Ho. Then they walk back.
“ Here it see it.” Jae Sun say, then he pick up the flower and he turn back and almost kiss Cho Hee.
“ Sorry, sorry.” Jae Sun say.
“ Oh it’s okay.” Cho Hee say with a smile.
Then she and Jae Sun went back, but they already hit the drum for midnight.
“ Lee Chung Ho and Kim Kyu Bong, did you two get your answers?” Dong Sun ask with conceited.
“ Yes senior, the sparkle circle.” Chun Hei say then Chung Ho hand the circle to Dong Sun. Dong Sun smirk.
“ Good, you two complete the riddle, we could grant you two a wish, if you think that you need to use your wish tell me.” Dong Sun said.
“ Bae Yong Sook and Nam Jae Sun!” the announcer announce for them to come, but they haven’t come yet.
They announce another time, and they finally come.
“ We’re here!” Cho Hee yell, they run to Dong Sun.
“ Here.” Jae Sun say hand out the flower to Dong Sun.
He smirk at them.
“ For being late, you two will have to go dip into the muddy water being naked.” Dong Sun say then throw their flower back to them.
Cho Hee was mad.
Then Cho Hee yell at Dong Sun, “ Hey, just that you’re the student president, it doesn’t mean that you could do this to other people! And one more thing this is not a rule at Sungkyunkwan at all, this is just a make up rule from you and why would I listen your stupid rule for? Huh?!”
Jae Sun and everyone look at Cho Hee.
Dong Sun was mad so he say conceitedly to Cho Hee, “ Bae Yong Sook, are you not scare, I could just drop you off today and you’ll come back to school again, aren’t you scare, and apologize to me right now for yelling at me!”
Cho Hee smirk at him, then throw the flower back at him.
“ You want me to apologize to you? Huh, what? You’re dumb!?” Cho Hee yell, so was so mad and don’t even want to be naked too.
She continue, “ We’re not even late, we come on time the second time you called, but when we bring you the riddle answer you throw it back at us, is that what they call a student president? Huh?”
“ Bae Yong Sook! Take off your clothes right now and jump into the muddy water!” Dong Sun servant guy yell.
“ No!” Cho Hee shouted back.
Jae Sun and they were confuse.
Then Dong Sun’s servants come and grab onto Cho Hee’s arm and start to take off her clothes.
“ No, no, no, no!” Cho Hee yell and try to push them off from her.
Chun Hei was worry so she yell, “ Student president, Kang Dong Sun! may you grant my wish right now, I want you to leave Jae Sun and Bae Yong Sook alone!”
Dong Sun don’t even want to, but for to be right he have to let go of Bae Yong Sook.
Cho Hee was so mad.

Episode 3 Preview:
“ Thanks, Chun Hei and sorry for you using your wish on me, I’m sorry.” Cho Hee tell Chun Hei then Chun Hei reply, “ Only the two of us here, so we’ll have to help each other out.” she smile.
“ You’re a tough boy, you know that, Bae Yong Sook, not even anyone could ever say that to Dong Sun one time at all, they all scare of him.” Dong Min tell Cho Hee.
“ Why are you so scare of us, Kim Kyu Bong?” Hyun Ki ask Chun Hei.



sarNie Hatchling
Can't Rescind of Seeing You


Episode 3
Cho Hee and Chun Hei went to the garden.
“ Thanks, Chun Hei and sorry for you using your wish on me, I’m sorry.” Cho Hee tell Chun Hei then Chun Hei reply, “ Only the two of us here, so we’ll have to help each other out.” she smile.
They walk together, then they reach Chun Hei’s room.
“ Okay, I’m going to go to my room.” Chun Hei tell Cho Hee.
“ Okay then, good night.” Cho Hee tell Chun Hei.
“ Bye, good night, Cho Hee.” Chun Hei whisper.
“ SHHH.” Cho Hee sound.
Cho Hee walk to her room and went inside.
“ You’re back?” ask Dong Min.
Cho Hee shook her head and answer, “ Yeh.”
She walk to her side and get her blankets and pillow.
“ You’re a tough boy, you know that, Bae Yong Sook, not even anyone could ever say that to Dong Sun one time at all, they all scare of him.” Dong Min tell Cho Hee.
Cho Hee was surprise then smile back, “ Oh really, thanks.”
“ It’s not a compliment, I just tell the truth.” Dong Min say back.
Cho Hee smirk at him, then he turn around and see Cho Hee smirk at him.
“ Do not do that to your senior!” Dong Min shout.
“ Huh!” Cho Hee sound, then she went to sleep on her blanket.
Then Dong Min went and sleep next to Cho Hee so that he could sleep with a carpet too.
“ Hey, don’t sleep close to me.” Cho Hee say.
Dong Min look at her then reply, “ Hey, I’m your senior, and this is my room before you came in.”
“ Hush, then I’ll sleep somewhere else in this room.
Then she take her blanket and pillow to sleep near the door.
Chun Hei was looking for a spot for her to sleep.
After they finish set the carpet bed and blankets and pillows, Hyun Ki tell Chun Hei them, “ I’ll sleep this side, okay.”
Chung Ho reply, “ Then I’ll sleep on this side.”
“ Hey, you, Kyu Bong, sleep right here, in the middle, you understand.”
“ Uh, okay, yeh, senior.” Chun Hei answer.
“ Why are you so scare of us, Kim Kyu Bong?” Hyun Ki ask Chun Hei.
Chun Hei look around then reply, “ No, I’m not just kind of looking tire, I’m going to go to sleep, good night!” then she jump to her place and sleep.
“ Everyone, every Sungkyunkwan scholars, wake up!!!” yell from the staff in Sungkyunkwan.
“ Ah, I’m so tire.” said Hyun Ki.
Chung Ho went out, then Chun Hei follow.
At Cho Hee and Dong Min room.
They’re sleeping together, Cho Hee head was on top of Dong Min’s chest and Dong Min was hugging her, because last night he was hugging his blanket.
“ Wake Up!” announce again to their side.
“ Ah, I’m so tire, so early.” say Cho Hee closing her eyes.
Dong Min open his eye and see Cho Hee’s head.
Dong Min was surprise, “ Bae Yong Sook? How could he sleep here?” he ask his mind.
Cho Hee start to open her eye and see Dong Min hand was on top of her, then she yell and push him.
“ You, you, what did you do last night?! Huh!” ask Cho Hee to Dong Min.
Dong Min was confuse then he yell at her, “ Hey! I’m your senior, and why do you act like you’re a girl!?”
Cho Hee turn her face then reply, “ I’m not acting like a girl, and I was just curious that are you those guys that like guys.”
Dong Min was shock then he yell at her, “ Hey, I like girls, that’s why every girls in town know me!”
Dong Min stand up close to the door, then Cho Hee stand up and walk out, but she slip on the door. “ Ahh!” she yell, then Dong Min help grab her, they both fell on the floor.
Cho Hee close her eyes and Dong Min was looking at her.
Dong Min thought, “ He’s so pretty when he close his eyes, how come when I hold him, it seems like I’m holding a girl in my arm.”
Cho Hee open her eye, then Dong Min stare at her for a long time.
“ Get up!” said their neighbors.
Dong Min and Cho Hee was shock then Dong Min and Cho Hee quickly stand up.
“ Uh, hehehehehe.” laugh Cho Hee. Trying to smile.
Both of them left to the washing place.
“ Wash your face!” said the announcer.
Dong Min was looking at Cho Hee.
Chung Ho and Hyun Ki were staring at Chun Hei because how she wash her face is girly.
In class room.
“ Hey, senior Dong Min, can I see your paper so that I’ll know am I’m doing it right?” ask Cho Hee, sitting next to him.
“ Hey, you already pass the exam before coming here, so you should know what to do, right, or did you cheat?” Dong Min reply, he smile to her.
Cho Hee turn back to her paper.
“ Chung Ho, can you lend me your book?” ask Chun Hei.
“ No.” he answer.
“ Why not?” ask Chun Hei, then all the student turn back to them plus the teacher.
“ Hey, hey! You two what happen over there?!” ask the teacher to Chung Ho and Chun Hei.
“ Nothing, nothing.” answer Chun Hei, Chun Hei smirk at Chung Ho.
They came out from the classroom for lunch.
“ Hey, you smarty guy, how come you’re so not nice, I ask you nicely, and we’re also room mates too.” say Chun Hei to Chung Ho that she was walking beside him.
Chung Ho Didn’t answer, just kept walking.
“ You, you, you nerd!” yell Chun Hei pointing at Chung Ho.
Chung Ho turn back and walk to her.
“ Hey, little boy, I don’t like copy catter.” say Chung Ho then he walk off.
Chun Hei was mad, “ One day I’ll be smarterier than you!”
Cho Hee walk to Chun Hei, “ You know, that’s not a word, smarterier.” Cho Hee laugh.
“ Hey, Cho Hee.” Chun Hei say, then Cho Hee cover Chun Hei mouth and say, “ I’m Bae Yong Sook.”
Cho Hee pull Chun Hei over.
At the lunch room.
Cho Hee and Chun Hei sit together, Park Dong Min sit across from Cho Hee and Chung Ho sit next to Dong Min.
Dong Min kept staring at Cho Hee’s face.
Cho Hee feels like someone or something is staring at her then she lift her head up and it wad Dong Min looking at her.
Cho Hee smile in a confuse way.
Dong Min notice that Yong Sook is thinking weird about him staring at Yong Sook, so he went back to eat his lunch.
“ Chung Ho! Wait!” yell Chun Hei. She’s running toward him.
Chung Ho didn’t care, he just kept walking forward.
Chun Hei run to Chung Ho and accidentally trip him and her to fall on the ground.
“ Ach.” said Chun Hei, her elbow got bleed.
Chung Ho look at her elbow then ask, “ Are you alright?”
Chun Hei answer, “ Yes, yeh, I’m alright, don’t bother.”
Chung Ho take her elbow and use his cloth to wipe the blood.
While he’s doing that, Chun Hei look at him and started to like him.
“ There finish, go to Professor Wu, so that he could help you more.” Chung Ho tell Chun Hei.
Chun Hei was surprise how nice he is then she just walk straight forward to the nursing place.
“ Ah! Stop it, stop smashing that on my elbow, it hurt.” Chun Hei tell Cho Hee.
Cho Hee look at her then smile, and ask, “ So you’re in love with, nah nah nah, with Chung Ho huh [she whisper Chung Ho name].”
Chun Hei turn back and start blushing all around.
“ I know, you don’t have to tell me.” Cho Hee say laughing.
Chun Hei smile while she’s still blushing, then Hyun Ki open the door.
“ You two are here?, so did you two know that there was a fight right now?” Hyun Ki ask them.
“ A fight?!” they both shock.
Chun Hei, Cho Hee, and Hyun Ki run to where they fight.
“ Nam Jae Sun, just stop right now before you’ll get hit more!” yell some others Sungkyunkwan scholars.
All scholars surrounded Jae Sun and Yang Sang Ki, a scholar that his dad is the Minister of Scholar, and Sang Ki is a scholar that mostly don’t really like school and always find troubles.
“ Sang Ki, please, please stop and don’t do anything to Jae Sun, this is just a small problem please, please, please don’t do anything to him, this is all my fault for yelling and hitting you at first.” said scholar Young Soo, begging Sang Ki.
Cho Hee and Chun Hei were looking at it too, then Cho Hee say, “ Is he doing it too harsh to Jae Sun?” Chun Hei look at Cho Hee and Cho Hee look worry.
Then she whisper to Cho Hee, “ You like him, Jae Sun?”
Cho Hee look at her then yell, “ No!” she stare at Chun Hei, then everyone stare at them and Cho Hee cover her mouth. Chun Hei smile to all the scholars.
Sang Ki and Jae Sun look at them.
Sang Ki walk forward to Cho Hee. Cho Hee start to worry.
“ Huh, [he pause for a bit, then yell], who are you to yell this time, huh?!” Sang Ki ask Cho Hee.
Cho Hee pause for a bit then yell back, “ Who are you to ask me! Huh! You know what schools is not for people to come and fight and have troubles! School is for learning! And who are you too, never see you before!”
Sang Ki turn back then he raise his hand and is going to punch Cho Hee, but Dong Min come and hold his hand. Cho Hee was closing her eyes tightly.
“ Hey, dude, don’t do this to a freshmen, he’s still fresh and you already know that fresh they always act like kids, so just let him go.” Dong Min say to Sang Ki, then Sang Ki let his hand down, then he walk away.
“ Professors coming, professors coming!” yell a little kid in Sungkyunkwan school.
Then every scholars run to read, some run to the library, and some run to the garden.
Dong Min take Cho Hee run to their room with Sang Ki.
Chun Hei run to the library where she see Chung Ho sitting there reading.
Dong Min was holding Cho Hee’s hand and come in to their room where they see Sang Ki in there too.
Sang Ki see Dong Min holding Cho Hee’s hand, then he ask, “ You two are lovers, or what?”
Dong Min and Cho Hee look at each other, then look down to their hand.
“ Ahhh! Why are you holding me?!” ask Cho Hee.
Dong Min turn to Sang Ki and back to Cho Hee, “ Eww.”

“ Hey, Dong Min, who’s are new roommate in are room?” Sang Ki ask Dong Min.
“ Huh, you’re also in this room too?!” Cho Hee ask.
“ Yeh, and which room did you live in so that if someday I want to punch you I could come punch you.” Sang Ki reply.
“ Uh, I’m in this, this room.” answer Cho Hee.
“ This room, you got to be kidding me!” Sang Ki say.
“ It’s true.” Dong Min added.
Cho Hee frown and Sang Ki smile. Dong Min still curious about is Yong Sook a girl or not.​

Episode 4 preview:
“ Uh, can I come sit with you?” Chun Hei ask Chung Ho look at him and already sit next to him.
“ Dong Min, you sleep here and I’ll sleep here next with our new roommates.” say Sang Ki.
“Chung Ho you’re handsome.” Chun Hei say quietly to Chung Ho while he’s sleeping.


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