Can you give me some advices about my new dress?

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  1. carrieli3

    carrieli3 sarNie Egg

    I'm 18 years old, ready to take part in the graduation ceremony, i bought a very beautiful lace prom dresses from a shop online, my mother and sister said it is very nice, but I'm a little fat, the skirt is a little tight, I was being hesitant that should i return? any ideas? how you feel about this dresses?
  2. Chalidaluvprin

    Chalidaluvprin sarNie Adult

    If you mean by the red dress, it looks very pretty. Just try it on first and look at it and see if it matches you. Or just trade it for a bigger size.
  3. beachboy777

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    Im a dude and honest.. you want my opinion?

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