Can someone help me sub a thai movie?

Discussion in 'FanSub' started by missy, Nov 16, 2005.

  1. missy

    missy sarNie Egg

    The movie was made in the 80's I think and it has already been dubbed in our language. But I just recently got the original on VCD and would like to sub it. It's called Kum Mhun Sunya
  2. sweetyaj

    sweetyaj sarNie Elites

    wat kind of sub program do have..if u have subtitle workshop..then i think i can help u..
  3. cecilia

    cecilia Staff Member

    was it a really good movie?..cuz if it is..maybe i can help you with that..
  4. missy

    missy sarNie Egg

    I don't have any subtitle workshop. I was thinking I could send the VCD. :wavecry:
  5. missy

    missy sarNie Egg

    It's an oldie but a very good one. It's called Kum Mhun Sunya
  6. cecilia

    cecilia Staff Member

    is this a one episde..or one vcd only ...cuz it's is..i can try to help you out..anyone helping us?..

    otherwise..whenever you decide to do so..i'll try my best to help...okie..:)
  7. missy

    missy sarNie Egg

    It's a movie on 2 VCD. If you can help that'll be so great!
  8. yaksoh

    yaksoh sarNie Juvenile

    is this the one where
    pra'ek's - Peeli
    & nang ek's - Nuda?

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