Can’t find a Lakorn


sarNie Egg
I have been watching Thai Lakorns for a while now, and absolutely love them! There is one though, that I watched, one of the first I ever watched, in which I cannot remember the name of it I recently was trying to find it again because I was going through some older ones, but can’t find it. Can’t quite picture the actors either. Stupid I know! Can you help me?
The main girl gets kidnapped by the main guy’s ex girlfriend, who takes her along with a little boy and another woman, and hides them in the jungle in a warehouse. When the main guy and his friend finally finds them, he begs the ex girlfriend not to kill his love and also tells her that she is pregnant. After some fighting, the ex girlfriend realizes he no loves her, and shoots herself in the head, instead of turning herself in.
Does that sound familiar to anyone? I believe it was done in the early 2000s
Any ideas would be great!