Bu Ngah Na Fon (Exact & Scenerio)


sarNie Oldmaid
Photos on the set...is this the end scene...I hope not. Where is Nong Ryuji...I want to see him. They better have him in the end scene...it be sad if they didn't have him then why did Nong Ryuji was at the opening for if they cut him out.

Credit to: GMM

Photos on the set...
Credit to: pantip



sarNie Oldmaid
aww the pics are cute Thanks for it... man, i was enjoying them so much, that
now its coming to an end :( they had very good chemistry.


sarNie Egg
i really like this couple..love the chemistry between them and they look so cute together! hopefully they'll have more lakorns together in the future


sarNie Oldmaid
OMG they did not even have Nong Ryuji in this daram at all. I'm so disappointing. -_- :no: <_<

I haven't see the end episode yet but here the caps for the ending...look like Fang end up with Puri after all... :dance1:

Cr to: pantip



sarNie Oldmaid
Tono & Aim on Mangobango show...I post the pix to this a while back ago also the show...

while they were on break, they talk to fans...

Cr to: anuchydmania




sarNie OldFart
Perhaps it's the extremely cheesy and vomit like storyline and boy crazy character that makes Aim look cheap but I didn't really like her at all in this lakorn. She did nothing but daze around. I like Aim personally, she's a good actress, hope to see her in a more in depth character than this.


sarNie Egg
Thank you for all the caps, pictures, and videos! :thumbsup:

I am highly looking forward to see this lakorn... BECAUSE I LOVE LOVE LOVE TONO! :grouphug: He is simply HOT AND GORGEOUS ALL OVER... :drool: HEEHEE... and he is the main reason why I am looking forward to watch this. :clap: :clap2:


sarNie Adult
This girl, Aim is so beautiful. I like her smile.
Hope she have more lakorn in the future. does she up-coming lakorn?