Best's of 2015


I know we're not even close to the end of this year yet, but I can't wait to share my bests of 2015 thus far!! Haha. I just need to share it now and then add on later. HEHE. 
So my best's of 2015:
Best Couple
1. Peter C. & Anne T. - Ab Ruk Online 

Hands down the best couple this year, so far. They are like a match made in heaven. We thought Anne and Willy were the only match made in heaven, well here's Anne's other true pair. Peter's big, macho, handsome and is the perfect man for our Anne who's not too short not too tall. It doesn't get any better than this.  
2. Ananda E. & Kim K. - Luerd Mungkorn: Suer
Kim's pra'eks just get better and better. Aum, Nadech, Ananda. But really though who else could be better than Ananda?! They are another match made in heaven. Ananda does his first lakorn and gets to be Kim's pra'ek, no one can ask for anything better than two hotties pairing up. 
3. Tui T. & Kwan U. - Mai Sin Rai Fai Sawart

Despite the huge age gap these two are just so compatible with each other words can't really describe how great they both compliment one another. Who would've guessed Tui's turning 42 this year and who would've guessed Kwan's 15 year's younger than him? They both ooze with s*x.
4. Toomtam Y. & Vill W. - Ngao Jai 

Another very compatible pair. They compliment each other very well with their looks as well. Vill looks great with anyone, but thus far I will honestly say Toomtam is her best pra'ek. I'd say the same goes to Toomtam as well. Though both are still young, they exude this mature aura quite well. 
Best Force Kiss
1. Luerd Mungkorn: Suer 

Very deserving of this spot from me. Their body language says it all. The force that Ananda uses on Kim and Kim's resistance shows how real this situation is. There's no consideration whatsoever and that's what made this force kiss epic. Not to mention Ananda is the king of kissing. 
2. Ngao Jai

Toomtam is one of the few younger generation stars who actually knows how to kiss properly. Haha. Perfect placement of his lips on his leading lady, perfect angle, and perfect body language. It's also VIll's facial expression that makes this force kiss memorable. She's got a legitly surprised face.   
3. Mai Sin Rai Fai Sawart

It's not a real kiss, but it's close enough. It's a force neck kiss that just makes every part of your body tingle. HAHA. The lighting and the picture itself makes the scene one of the most erotic scenes despite the poor direction. 
4. Ab Ruk Online

Peter wasn't so aggressive in this scene, but it was still a nicely shot kiss. It's a real kiss between the best couple so far this year, so of course it's going to make the list. The only reason this kiss didn't land in any of the first three slots is because it's a soft forced kiss.  
Best Lakorn

Unfortunately all these highly anticipated lakorns could't make the list. Things just don't look too bright at the moment. 

What are your best's?? Do add more besides the three bests I've mentioned.


방탄소년단 x Bangtan Sonyeondan x JiTaew
I have no pictures to share but here's my list:
Best Couple:
  • Bie and Noona - Jud Rak Viva Luang
  • Sean and Esther - Leh Ratee
  • Kwan and Tui - Mai Sin Rai Fai Sawart
  • Thanwa and Tubtim - Leelawadee Plerng
  • Toomtam and Vill - Ngao Jai
  • Jes and Gypsy - Leh Ratee
Best Force Kiss:
  • Basically the same list as Best Couple list. They all have some type of force kiss! 555
Best Lakorn:
  1. ​Leh Ratee (Still waiting to see the ending but so far it has been doing well)
  2. Leelawadee Plerng
  3. Jud Rak Viva Luang (I know that it has yet to air, but I just know that it's going to be one of the best and my favorite lakorn this year. 555)
Hopefully Roy Leh Sanae Rai makes it to my list once it airs. :p Waiting on Mint Chalida and Mario too!
Let's not forget the Ugly Duckling series! So excited! :D


Expired Sarnie
Best Couple
Honorable mention
Best Lakorn
Lom Son Ruk- Last year no lakorn made it onto my list. It was dominate by Twdramas and Kdramas. Sadly Abb Ruk Online didn't make it this year when I had high hopes for it but surprisingly Lom Son Ruk won me over. I am not caught up but I am confident to say this will make it onto my list. 


All the ones I've seen so far that are really good are:
1. Leurd Mungkorn: Seua-Ananda Kim
2. Lom Son Ruk-Nadech Taew
3. Sapai Sai Lub-First Kat


sarNie Adult
There are just a few lakorn that I have watched of 2015 but so far my fav list
Best couple:
1. Nadech&Taew (they definitely in my best couple list now, no need to say more)
2. Jes and Gypsy (I watch LRT cuz the cast is too hot, but I ended up liking the second pairing more than the lead, even Sean&Esther is adorable too but too bad Es is not making her feeling her character a lot, 1st time watching Gypsy and she is good)
3. First&Kat (Just random watching it and surprisingly like it a lot)


sarNie Hatchling
Best Couple
ToomVill- Love these two so much. They are beautiful together.
Nadech and Teaw- Perfect Match.

Best Kiss
ToomVill drunk kiss


Live Love Laugh
For now:
Ananda & Kim - Best couple in Seur
Bang Rajan - Best lakorn and best assemble cast
Waiting for Tik & Mew in Singh and James Jirayu and Yaya in NNS.


sarNie Adult
So far the best lakorn hands down *BANG RAJUN* the cast is just amazing. Except for Wawaa, I'm still trying to find a reason to not dislike her.
best couples:
Ananda & Kimberly <-- I don't even care for Kim but I love Ananda, gotta give them props though
Phet + Prang = Perfection (on and off screen)
Jes + Gypsy, oh gosh they are sizzling Hott in Leh Ratree
best in the music world: Gun Napat


Best Crying Actor
1. Tui Teerapat as Patawee in Mai Sin Rai Fai Sawart

I gotta give this to him. He gave is ALL for this petty role, he deserves some recognition for acting so darn well and crying so REAL for the love of his life!
2. Kan Kantathavorn as Techin in Nang Chada

I just love the way he expresses himself when he cries. He's got this naturally solemn looking face that when he cries, he cries handsomely!
3. Tik Jedsadaporn as Songkrod in Luerd Mungkorn: Singh

I remember seeing him crying for the very first time and falling hard in love. He has this expressionless face when he cries that just breaks my heart even more!
Best Lakorn
1. Luerd Mungkorn: Singh

This one came as a surprise. After the failure of Suer, I gave up all faith, and hoped for the worst and look what we've got, the best lakorn of 2015 thus far in my opinion!! Well in comparison to what I've seen.
I haven't gotten the chance to finish Lom Son Ruk, but I think that one's a good competitor as well. I think Leh Ratree comes close too since it's a remake of THE awesome Leh Ratree. HEHE. But I haven't watched it, so I really don't know.


Best Soundtrack
1. Bang Rajan No doubt the best so far. It's music, although doesn't contain traditional Thai instruments, is classical. The songs were beautifully composed and they really hit the spot. I cried buckets just listening to them. 
"Bang Rajan" by Pete Pol
"Mai Sai Chai Mai" by Pete Pol & Jennifer Kim
"Prak Rak" by Jennifer Kim
2. Luerd Mungkorn Series Despite the series itself not being the great everyone hyped it to be it's got an awesome soundtrack. The opening theme is angsty and dramatic, just my liking. The individual songs released in each series also has it's charms.
"Hua Jai Likit" by Asanee Wasan
"Hua Jai Likit" by Hugo
"Hua Jai Likit" by Ebola


Expired Sarnie
Best soundtracks goes to Taew's Lom Sorn Ruk
She's not a singer but the way she sounds in here makes it all the more special. She really brings the song to life oppose to the original singer. 


`my dragon's blood is blue`
Best Soundtrack for me has got to be Kit Tung - Lydia (Nang Chada OST)
cr: polyplus entertainment
There were many great OSTs but I keep repeating this song.
Another one that was very good was the one Bowchael sang together for their lakorn, Yai Kanlaya.


Live Love Laugh
For now,
Best lakorns of 2015 go to:
1.  CH3 - Sood Kaen Saen Ruk (good buzz and ratings, highest ratings for CH3 right now)
2.  CH3 - Bang Rajan (good love stories and sacrifice, and good ratings)