Best Nang'eks in the History of Lakorns


Anne Thongprasom
Yui Jiranan
Kwan Usamanee
Chompoo Araya
Mew Lalita
Ann Siriam
Kob Suvanan
Cherry khemupsorn
Some of the absolute best that I've seen. (In my time - I am in my mid 20s) IMO :yes:


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Namtarn Pichukkana as (Rojanasnai) in Majurat See Nampueng- She's smart with everything she did and really loved p'eak. She stood up for herself when she had to. Also she knew how to do a lot of things.

Mint Chalida as (Piengkwan) in Suparburoot Jutathep Series- She loved her family, she is a hard worker (have many jobs to support her family). Very wise with her words and respectful


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Anne Thongprasom for sure..NO DOUBT :woot2:
i like kim and yaya too but they are still thats a lot to improve..
Choompo and Aom are pretty but not the best. sorry no offense but Aom is painful to watch when she cries :cry:


af_1993 said:
Anne Thongprasom for sure..NO DOUBT :woot2:
i like kim and yaya too but they are still thats a lot to improve..
Choompo and Aom are pretty but not the best. sorry no offense but Aom is painful to watch when she cries :cry:
Aom P.? She has one of the most realistic cries. Haha.


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I have plenty of favorite n'ek characters but I'll name two for now...
Nid played by Kwan Usamanee in Khing Gor Rah Kah Gor Raeng.  I loved how strong her character was.. she wasn't a weakling and stood her grounds.. even against p'ek who "r" her. 
Anusaya played by Joy Sirilak in Samee Ngern Pon.  She didn't show weakness and was on top of things.


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khun alin (ann in sood sanahae): not only cos she's one of the strongest/tough character, but deep down she such a kind-hearted person too, there is nothing that i dont love about her character (a lil bratty, but kru cook and help fix that heh), one of best female characters i've seen in all the dramas i've ever watched

Jeed ajima (yaya in duang jai akkanee): the 1st time i watched dja and saw jeed, i remember thinking to myself, this is exactly the type of female lead character i've been looking for and adore, her fiestiness, beauty and toughness, have left such a strong impression, just love her character to bits!

Reung (yaya in dao reung): another strong and cunning character, her love for the family and sacrifices and selflessness for her country made me fall deeply in love with reung and very proud of my girl


- Speaking of cries, I think Kim has the best cry scenes! She really makes me feel as if her heart is being torn. (Raeng Pratana)


Lookjung ( Ruk Nee Jhe Jud Hai ) - She is just like Alin except less b*tchy! Haha. She's hysterical, Matt played her to profection. I thought no one else besides Anne, could portray such extreme character, but Matt proved me wrong! Jung is a kick*ss nang'ek who's serious about work yet clumsy with love. Hehe. I love her.
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1. Vill Wannarot Sontichai
2. Kob Suvinat
3. Woranuch Bhirompakdee (Noon)
4. Vill Wannarot Sontichai
..... Yeah, I am quite over the top with Vill right now.... 


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The first one that popped into my mind was Prissana. She's beautiful, charming, playful, reasonable and intelligent yet not overly in your face annoying. She stands by her morals and has a backbone for herself without the need to depend on anyone. It's hard to find a righteous nang aek that doesn't come off too irritating to watch. Both Mew Lalita and Taya Rogers did a wonderful job portraying their own unique take on this classical character. 


Nit played by Kwan Usamanee in Khing Gor Rah Kah Gor Raeng. This was literally the first lakorn i saw of Kwan and made me fall in love with her character so much.
Chanamon played ny Punch Worakarn in Ruk Soot Rit. I loved her character because she has her reasons and is really strong headed woman. Also, she can fight back.
Salika played by Aom P in Fah Pieng Din.
Siprai played by Pooklook in Pleng Ruk Baan Na.
Daoprasook played by Kob in Daoprasook.
Areeya played by Ann in Manee Yod Fah.
Ankor played by Emma in Ankor.
Nam played by Kimberly in Thara Himalai.


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Sammy in BS and as Walapa in PRPPT : she freaking saved hero ass bunch of times
Matt in FKJ : my favourite Matt character so far. I can relate to her soo much
Noon in Rahut rissaya : badass and pretty
Aff as jang na noi in RM : princess not scared to court hero
Ann in Raeng Ngao, Sai Roong, Jao Sao Prissana : during her heydays Ann killed those flawed badass heroines


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Despite the lakorn sucked so baddddddddddddd, I really like Kwan's character Chitchaba. I love how fiesty, bitchy, sassy, headstrong regardless of the circumstance she was put into. She doesnt take cr*p from anyone, especially Pattawee and I love it! Chit also has her soft moments which is cute. Idk how to describe it but i just love how strong she is. She's bitter about life but she still maintains her morals/kindness. Plus she doesnt make a big deal about her lost of virginity like most n'ek which shows how cool-headed she is. Oh did i mention how i love her comebacks ahahah always shut people up LOL I just love Kwan's portrayal of Chitchaba overall! 
Does anyone know other slap/kiss lakorn similar to Mai sin rai fai sawart with the male character is aggressive like pattawee and the female lead is headstrong like Chitchaba?