Bee Sawich & Numfon


sarNie Hatchling
did bee sawich and numfon ever dated?? if no who is he dating and who is she dating?? and isnt she dating stephan right that half chinese thai italian or whatever guy??


sarNie Adult
I only wish Bee Sawis and Numfon were a real couple...but that's only for on-screen...yeah, they do look good together.....and Numfon is seeing for Bee Sawis, he quite low-profile about his love life....but what can i say, the man is soooo handsome I'm sure he's got women following him everywhere...


Save World Save Life
well i think they date before cause i see them together back thenn and at 07 show they were fliriting around its amazed shes with stefan lol anyways p-bee is handsome and im pretty sure he find sos soon


Save World Save Life
bee has a newa lakorn witwh this girl miss thailand something but its not air the lakorn is done but its just not on air

never mind it was noon and mos lakorn they were in :lol: Duay Reeng Heeng Rak


Numfon is kinda dating.....Stefan Sunti Salamonay Ae Weerabunchai....*breathe*....

Sorry dude's name is kinda long...LOL

He's the pr'ek in Lhong Ngao Jun with Kob....


sarNie Adult
Love Bee Sawich very much, he's so handsome and his roles are always so good. I want to see more of him as the pra'ek.


sarNie Juvenile
I love Bee Sawich too, he's so handsome :D Too bad, we don't see him around anymore..i liked the movie he played with kob though he was so mean to her...