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sarNie Egg
Rank you picks and explain why.
Don't get mad at others opinions.

1.Benz--Can play any role beautifully.
2.Noon--Beautiful acting.
3.Kob--acting is great, but her acting's not beautiful in my view.
4.Anne--something about her acting irritates me.

1.Kwan--Can play any role well.
2.Pat--Great acting.
4.Pancake and Pinky--not strong enough, lacking, and acting looks the same and boring in my view.

1.Airin--Great acting for a new actress, and if you first see her act, you would think that she's been in the industry for many years (developing actresses' level). However, she's new.
2.Vill--Good progression.
3-4--Taew and Puang----same with Pinky and Pancake in my view.


sarNie Granny
this was a hard choice

Anne-I have to give it to her. Her last few lakorns were different and she played them beautifully.
Kob & Noon- I love them. They are equal to me.
Benz-I really like her too but she would have to be my fouth.

Pancake-I think she's great. Very talented.
Pat- Love her. She's so funny :D
Pinky & Kwan- They're good too but yeah.

Taew- I love her acting. She's great.
Aerin & Vill- Both talented in their own way. I like them in KLP
Pueng- She's okay to me, but she's a cutie ^^


sarNie OldFart
Kob I grew up watching her lakorns, She never failed me . :)
I think Pat has developed the most out of the girls you listed .
And for the newbies I love both Taew and Pueng but I've got to admit Pueng's acting is not that great yet.


sarNie Adult
Ann T

My pick is Ann T for EXPERIENCED she is amazing actress and she been around for a long time.
And DEVELOPING of coure is go to Kwan. She could act any role and she could cry too.
For newbie is Taew she can cry and act great. All three women could act and cry beautiful.


Staff member
Anne - she is just so amazing!!!!! she never fails to amaze me.. WAY TALENTED!!
Kob & Noon - they're both great actresses as well...
Benz - I like her too but.. there's sumthin about her that makes me iffy when i watch her... but i do adore her though ^_^

Kwan & Pinky - I super love them.. There's sumthin about them that pulls my attention..
Pancake & Pat - I think they're good too but i could expect a lil bit more...

Taew - I know she's gonna get far... she's so talented already..
Aerin, Vill, & Peung - They're there too.. but they just need more learning...