Barry Nadech&Yaya Urassaya (PUANDERNTANG Vol.35 no.421 January 2015)


.: Lady Huo :.
Hi Alice, I hope you don't mind :).

I am posting some inside photos

Inside photos of Yadech's Traveler's Companion magazine :cheer:. On the 3rd photo, Nadech finally contain his over the moon joy :bhehe:.

credits - Traveler's Companion magazine facebook


sarNie Tombstone
@Ms.Zoe no worries of course u can post 
thanks for sharing its lovely 

2nd cover credit magazinedee


.: Lady Huo :.
@ Alice, no problem ^___^.

More photos to enjoy ^___^.

credits - Traveller's Companion magazine facebook


.: Lady Huo :.
@ Alice Yup! too too sweet & cute ^___^.

could not stop posting more photos... :ghehe:.

credits - Traveller's Companion magazine & as tagged


sarNie Adult
this is more like honeymoon inside pic more than cover especially the one yaya in blue dress at the pool and orange wall at the shoot and poses.


sarNie Juvenile
Gloriawongpuapan said:
Aw Nadech is so chubby now
You know when someone is in a HAPPY relationship, they tend to gain weight.  It's called happpy  Or so I heard.  This means there's no need to concern oneself to keep up with a sexy physique as there's no pressure or need to attract a already have one....IK YK WK EK!!!!!