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    I don't Know if there has already been a post on her but her name is Ayouduo, she is a famous Miao Singer from MainLand China. I think she is really pretty and I like the fact that wherever she go to perform, she always wear our Hmong clothes proudly.
    Her Biography:
    Name : A young Tibetan
    National : Miao nationality
    Origin : Guizhou Province Huang County town of Valley Gansu
    Love : singing dancing costume design
    Culture : Beijing Normal University are studying
    Units : the Central Nationalities Song and Dance Ensemble
    A young Tibetan born in known as a "song of the world, dance oceans" said the Guizhou Province Liu Miao Miao nationality autonomous Chau, the Miao nationality ordinary family. 3 years old, the tragic death of two brother, was thrown near her claimed lives. Although there are three sister, but when she has little time to get a home only with her art a young baby, life can become difficult and impoverished. Depict people who love to sing, perhaps at the misfortune and suffering too much suffering grandmothers get up early in the morning every day, always on light a fire to cook the pig feed, while the Miao constantly singing sad songs that relate to the melody often feed her from her awaken. In this way, her mind from his childhood on the application by singing.
    Since her impact on a young baby was like singing, entered first grade class, has become the backbone of the arts. She daily after school, either walking in the road home, or in golf lesson, or a pig, with the stockaded village to the sisters must learn to sing, coupled with savvy better singing voice is sweet, singing is also increasing. To enable her to live less sad, a little more happy, she Night Eagle every night as a small, often one hit night. A lot of young talent in music by the local people called the Miao nationality small village singer. Later under the guidance of their teachers, each participating school a young Tibetan singing competitions, always take the first, then it seems Tau Kok, but because family life force, junior high school, she had to be as young as 16 years of age working on the road. While working life full of bitterness sister, but because a young Tibetan born outsiders, video, step by step towards the pop music scene for her later laid the foundation.
    1999, when David C. a return to the British Mountains mountain city after she opened the door to opportunity, a young local singer competition, she won the Gold Medal at one stroke. Soon, the State Ethnic Affairs Commission in the organization to participate in the new century folk singers Selection has won Guizhou stadium first. Thereafter, a young Tibetan climbing to the pop music scene on the road, the success of the cause of honor follow.

    Name : A young Tibetan
    Birthday : April 29, 1980
    Blood type : A -
    Height : 160 centimeters
    Weight : 49 kilograms
    Three circles : 84-67-90
    Education : residential
    Character : lively, cheerful
    Skills and love : singing, costume design
    Will say what language : Miao Yu, Chinese language, English
    Family status : four sisters, mothers
    Favorite color : orange red
    Favorite food : Mama do sour soup
    Most satisfied with themselves which parts : teeth
    Favorite films : Liu
    Favorite star : Zhou Xun
    Most go places : Beijing
    Favorite wearing : Miao nationality best
    Most aspire life : leisurely life
    The most memorable things : won first wage
    The most disgusting thing : take medicine or have injections
    Greatest wish : to live together forever and mother
    Block, Mary Ming : serving the people
    Pet phrase : Great news!
    Occupation : singing actor

    *credit: www.ayoudou.com (her site, check it out for more pictures and media)*
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    Since I love you People so much, I uploaded her song on Youtube. Ayouduo
    The Quality is bad but oh wells. And if you listen closefully, in the beginning is she saying "Peb Yog Hmoob Es. Hmoob Es."
  3. karenyang

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    she looks like shui ling.... ^_^ ....she's really pretty....
  4. yajvaj

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    she is pretty!she kinda looks like barbie hsu too!
  5. beamsgirl

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    she's pretty...and could sing...thanks for sharing...
  6. YM_gurl

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    :) she's very pretty.. very light skin.. Miao? hmong???
  7. 1-lUv3-y0u

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    wow she's pretty =]

    never heard of her songs before though...
  8. xxmiss_maixx

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    i post my youtube link to her song on the second post..
  9. karenyang

    karenyang #1S.H.E.&NicTse

    the song sounds pretty good....just hope that the quality is better... andyways, thanks for upload it...:D
  10. xxmiss_maixx

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    sorry about that. i think its Youtube. because it was perfectly fine when i was watching it on my computer but somehow on youtube the quality isnt that good. sorry at least you guys can hear her sing
  11. hnub_khaab

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    Thanks for sharing. I listen to Mee Hang's music and she sings in Hmong but with a Chinese dialect. When I went to China, I've heard of her. Does she sing in Hmong at all or is it mainly Chinese?
  12. xxmiss_maixx

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    i think she mostly sing in chinese.
  13. YM_gurl

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    what's her last name anyway? they don't mention it..
  14. xxmiss_maixx

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    i'm not sure what her last name is. but i can research it.
  15. babe_girl

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    her singing is very good!
  16. sunny_gyrl

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    she's VERY ppurdee
  17. YM_gurl

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    kewl..would u do that for us.. thanks..
  18. Fearless

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    She's really pretty but it's sad that she doesn't sing in hmong like Mee hang and Mim lis... I love both of their songs.
  19. hliyaj

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    Wow thanks for sharing.
  20. Quiet-ness

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    She does look like Barbie Hsu now that I think of it. lol. Funny. :)

    The costume she's wearing I've seen parts of it worn on a Hmong person who speaks like us in China before. Wow! All long there were signs that that showed me there were Hmong (Miao) people in China when I was little. I just didn't expect.:)

    Thanks for the information you all. I didn't think there were Hmong singers who sing in Hmong with a Chinese accent and live there.

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