Awayjee See Chompoo (No Problem)


sarNie Oldmaid
Ja's family drives me nutts.
Just want to slap the crap out of them all.
Yes I agree with you, her family is so crazy and selfish, I don't know how can she still be nice to them. And there is her father :eek: what kind of a person that is so evil and money crazy that kill the mother of your old child :rolleyes:

Anyway, I'm only up to Ep. 4 but reading the posting in here I kind of already knows what going happen. So was thinking of waiting for it end first before continue. Does anyone know what day the ending episode will air? Thank you. :D


i think por is rejecting her cause he thinks it's best for her to be w/ nat. maybe he still feels it's wrong to have feelings for da girl he grew up w/ and always though of as a niece. i'm startin to feel sorry for nat and nampueng too :(
that makes sense, too. from the preview, it looks like nat will act like an as$ next ep. so i don't feel too sorry for him anymore. :lol: i still feel sorry for nampueng.

i wonder who gets shot. au or his dad.


sarNie Adult
June 18th is the last day of this lakorn.
I'm so excited to see the end but so sad its almost over :p


sarNie Adult
The ending was good and cute hehe.
I'm glad Nampeung wasn't selfish like Nat hehe.
I really thought that
Au's dad would die but it was Au himself that got shot they tricked us hehe
but oh wells hehe just in case someone hasnt seen the end yet I dont wanna ruin it hehe. I'm going to watch it again tonight with my mom hehe. :blush: I really loved and enjoyed this lakorn hehe. Now I'm going to miss it. :lmao: hehe.


sarNie OldFart
Yeah Por is really 30. lol.

I didn't see the ending yet I was gonna DL it today but was too busy but I will tomorrow.

Au does deserve to get shot, he is evillllllllllll!


sarNie Juvenile
ending was cute, but I was really beginning to get annoyed by n'ek, gosh, she's always mad at por and never listens but other than that, I love her, she so cute! and she's only mad cause she loves him
but nat, what's with him? gosh, he was an ass
I was hoping for some bloobers...
I'mma miss this one, haven't seen a good one like this for a long time, since jlr ended...gosh, por was sooooo good looking in this one


sarNie Hatchling
Gees por only showed his love for ja at the last 10 minutes. God Im so angry....ja went through so much but por just slips through and gets a freaking happy ending. I hate it when endings piss me off...

I had expected an ending that would touch my heart but I'm just disappointed. Oh well, lets hope badarn jai will be more satisfying.


sarNie Adult
a little draggy. good ending. i can't believe i missed thsi lakorn. i started on episode 10 - ending. HAAHAH but Por is soooooooooooooo hot in here =) sexy in his 30s. rawwrrr! haha


I just finished this last night, I know sort of late. I didn’t want to watch it because of the age gap between p’ek and n’ek, but I got over it. Ja is not beautiful but she is cute and just so adorable. Acting wise I give her a 7.5 out of 10. I am proud of Ja that she turn down Nat after he dumbed her just because she is legally still married to Por. Nampeung I really liked her, she was not snobby or bitchy and most definietly she was not selfish.

Oh yeah, I got a question, so the age in Thailand to be able to be independent and legal (to get the will) is 21 not 18.