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    Hello everyone!
    I am thinking of subbing ATM 2 the series (the sequel of ATM Error movie). Many people (non-thai fans) are very eager to watch this part 2 of the movie from GTH and I'm done watching this series (without subs). I'm a big fan of Ter Chantavit and Ice Preechaya by the way. Can someone (Thai people) help me with this?
    I need to have a transcription it's like having a movie script (someone have to write down all their conversation from the video clip in Thai script; thai alphabet) so that I'll be able to translate it into English (I'll not use google translator). I was also thinking to put this on viki but viki won't allow me to create a channel, it's a pity. That would be easier if I have already created but viki doesn't let me do it.  I have all episodes of ATM2 in a raw. Please send me message to those who want to help me. Thank you so much!

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