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I jus thought this was funny...who wrote this about aum on wiki sarnworld? this is the FIRST time i've read anything about aum being Filipino lol

* Name: Atichart Chumnanont
* Nickname: Aum or Umm
* Profession: Model/Actor
* Date of birth: February 20, 1981
* Birthplace: Bangkok
* Height: 178 cm.
* Weight: 71 kg.
* Marital Status: Single just broke up with Filipino actress Angel Locsin, right before Thanksgiving
* Hobbies: Football, Jet Ski, surfing, swimming
* Eduction: Faculty of Political Science, Ramkhamhaeng University


Aum is the oldest out of his two brothers and two girl cousins who lives with his family. When he is not working, you can catch him swimming or surfing with his two younger brothers. Aum is Filipino Thai; his father is Filipino while his mother is half Thai and Filipino. He is the first cousin of the Thai singer named Punch. While out surfing with his two younger brothers a producer saw him and asked him if he ever considered modeling. That producer took him to a modeling house and he slowing changed from modeling to doing small roles in music videos to Thai lakorns.


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i cant believe i never saw this lol... hahaha... hmm im suspecting her too lol.. hehe.. since she is the only one who did aum n angel hehe lol..

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I don't understand thai character, can anyone tell me about the woman of his dream, please :lmao:
lol iono thai.. but i went researching.. **coughcough** hopefully it's right ^_^..

คุยง่าย อารมณ์ดี = kui ngâai aa-rom dee

คุย ( kui )
# brag ; boast ; swagger ; vaunt ; bluster
# talk ; chat ; speak ; converse

ง่าย ( ngâai )
# be easy ; be simple ; be plain ; be clear
# easily ; simply ; plainly ; clearly ; with ease

อารมณ์ดี ( aa-rom dee )
# be in a good temper ;

hehe iono if it's correct.. but oh well... hoped i helped ...

aum :wub::wub::wub::

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Aum ain't Filipino. That's crazy talk, if he was Filipino he would have looked the part. He is Thai/Chinese for sure!!!!!