areeya and anas lakorn


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I forgot the name of the lakorn. Does anyone remember the title. and if you have,will possible to upload.
well araya is sort of a spoiled brat...her dad's really starts off with her studying in another country...i don't really know, since I haven't seen it, but basically arnas hates her dad and wants revenge or something...


sarNie Adult
Yep it was a revenge lakorn. I didn't watch the whole thing because Araya's character annoyed the hell out of me, but I know one thing for sure there's an "r" scene and a baby!!!! I justed posted episodes 1-5 in the BM section.


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Araya's family and arnus family were friends. Her dad made his dad die and he wanted revenge so he changed his name so that her family wouldn't remember him but araya's little sister remembered him cos she's got a crush on him etc etc. Every time araya and arnus met they fight but they end up falling in love and she got pregnant and all was forgiven


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so is it worth buying or watching?? hehe...sounds like my type of lakorn!


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does anyone know the title of this lakorn in khmer and if it's dubbed by mayura? thanks in advance.


I don't think this lakorn was all that great at all. And yes Araya's character was so annoying in here. Plus, I didn't think that Araya and Arnas should of ended up together. it should've been ploy and arnas especially since they liked eachother when they were younger. but i guess time changes and so does his feelings.


sarNie Hatchling
well for some reason i thought this lakorns was alright..i totally enjoyed it.. i really liked Arnas .. and Araya was just so annoying she was too mean to Arnas . i actually loved the themesong.