Aom Phiyadas new haircut!


sarNie Adult
ohh..i know this a while ago that it's a wig..when i first saw it i was like what have she done to her hair ..lolx...but she still look cute with it..
omg... :blink: ...aom looks older with this haircut...she should stick to midlength hair...araya can work with this short haircut, but cherry and aom just can't... :wacko:


sarNie Hatchling
i like her new hair cut...i think it's's good to have a short haircut once in a while...i really like it i think she look good in it.


sarNie Juvenile
no offense but she looks kinda ugly with this type of haircut. i liked her with longer hair she looked so much better with longer hair than with short hair.


sarNie Adult
i think it's something diff for someone who wants a change. the hair is not bad, it just make her diff. she is still pretty regardless. just make her look maturer. some peeps dun look dat good witht that hairstyle, but she does. i9t's a drastic change from her previous one and she looks less feminine cuz we dun usu c this kind of haircut.

shana pakim

sarNie Adult
oh my... i have to agree with all of you that she doesn't match this hair cut...
she should at least have it longer or something...oh no...


sarNie Hatchling
thank god its a wig.. hahaha cuz when i saw the pic i was shocked too until i read that it was a wig .. hahahaha p' Aom looks nice with her natural hair... why she decide to wear a wig for?.....


sarNie Adult
:loool: WoW!! I think that Aom matches her regular hair better than that short wig.. I am sooo shock!! :eek:


sarNie Hatchling
im relieved that its a wig cuz i like aom with long hair too but aom is beautiful because of the way she is not how her hair is
luv aom always!!!1 :yahoo: