Any1 heard of.....

Discussion in 'Japanese' started by Kurosaki_Ichigo, Dec 10, 2006.

  1. Kurosaki_Ichigo

    Kurosaki_Ichigo sarNie Egg

    Any1 heard of Asian Kung-Fu Generation???? They're an awesome group. Listen to them
  2. pink mafia

    pink mafia sarNie Juvenile

    yes i've heard of them..i think they're alright...i actually prefer old skool jrock.
  3. maiv

    maiv sarNie Hatchling

    never heard of them to share some songs?
  4. Tahmnong

    Tahmnong sarNie Hatchling

    They've gotten really popular lately na~ If you like them you should look into The Predators or Straightener, they have similar sounds~ B)

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