Any manga readers?


sarNie Hatchling
i read and very good!

sensual phrase
Happy Hustle High
Tokoyo Babylon
Kare First Love
Hot Gimmick all time fav.
and many more that i have finished
marmalade boy


sarNie Egg
feys said:
i read and very good!

sensual phrase
Happy Hustle High
Tokoyo Babylon
Kare First Love
Hot Gimmick all time fav.
and many more that i have finished
marmalade boy
i've heard a lot about from other sites "hot gimmick" is it good? and isn't tokoyo babylon shounen ai, confused a bit...


sarNie Hatchling
yeah all of them i listed are good i'll post the pixs up later and what's its about...since i have a midterm! LOL


Sticky Rice
lol yeah i love reading mangas omg whenever i read one of them i dont want to put it down at all haha but yeah hm... i read a lot of mangas but there is only like 3 that i actually finish

1.Gravitation this is a yaoi magne(yaoi means gay) but the story is so good and the romance...OHMIGAWD LOL
2.Planet Ladder-great drawings but its dumb
3.Demon Diary my first manga and this is really good i like it a lot
4..hack//twilight zone-the author has hecka nice drawings love it

and im currently reading
1.Fruits Basket-so funny i love it
2.DNAngel-Im reading the manga and watching the anime love it
3.Hanakimi-this book is hialrious
4.Faries Landing-it's by You Hyun a korean manga! I love this manga and wonderful drawings
there's more but i cant think right now lol but yeah these are the ones i like haha im a manga freak >_<


sarNie Egg
I love reading manga books! They're the best! Here's my list:
1) Marmalad Boy
2)Snow Drop
3)Kare Kano
4)Fushigi Yuugi:The Mysterious Play
5)Paradise Kiss
6)Ceres:The Celestial Legend


sarNie Egg
Demon Diary.. i only have the first volume and it's already pretty funny haha.. i need to get the rest ^_^

i always buy mangas on a whim.. if it's a nice cover with nice artworks, i'm getting it.. and then if the storyline isn't so good, i just don't buy anymore of that series. it's waste of money, i know.. but i just can't help it :loool:

here's my list:
Lagoon Engine
Girl Got Game
Ouran High School Host Club
Prince of Tennis
Witch Class
Honey Mustard

I have so many, I can't really remember what I have.. :sweat:
Nana , Only the ring fingers knows , Paradise Kiss , Gokinjo , Immortal blade , X 1999 , Angel Sanctuary , Almost Crying , Beyond my touch , Death Note , Suikoden 3 , Alichino , Yuyu hakusho , Revolutionaire girl utena , God Child , Togari are really really good i have many more but too tired to list them all.
Dragon Ball Z, Tsubasa Reservoir of chronicle, Detective Conan, Devil Devil, ragnarok, fruit Basket, sailor Moon, Love Hina,....etc... love read manga.


sarNie Adult
I start reading it....The current on I'm reading is Mars.....I like it more than the movie....HEHEHE....


sarNie Egg
the drama for mars was kinda of a snoozer... <_< i also like the manga more.. :D the guy who played rei was hawt. :wub:


sarNie Elites
i love manga!

i read

Fruits basket
Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne
Blade of Immortal
Snow Drop
Kill me Kiss me
Love Hina
Time Stranger Kyoko
Akuma de Souro
and more... i´ll finish the list later ^^

but we should have a Sarnie´s manga fan club


sarNie Egg
reading loads at the moment..*_*

cnt name all of them too long my friend gives these to me
from japan d im grateful to the libariese which hav loads!!

i am reading jing king of bandits now but ive
go more to read..^_^


sarNie OldFart
i just started reading a couple this year its pretty good but i can't get pas vol.1 of any comic books though the first vol. is always better, lolz


sarNie Egg
I read alot of mangas! My mangas are consists mostly of ShojoBeat mangas though lol

I read

Kaze Hikaru <---my favorite of all!
SA (Special A)
La Corda d'Oro
My Heavenly Hockey Club
Koukou Debut
Beauty Pop
Good Luck
Penguin Brothers
Atashhi wa Bambi
and many more... :D