Ann Alicia & Puri's Wedding Day


❤All that you are is all that I'll ever need❤
Ann Alicia is so her dress as well...everyone looked their best...Janie is so pretty above lol but thanks


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Almost all of Janie's crew had gotten married. Now left is Janie, Jane and the other girl

Congrats to Ann n puri


This was the engagement, right? I read that the real wedding will be in November.


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Awwww... Ann looks so sweet . ^•^
it's about time Puri but a ring on that finger. Lol..


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after trolling their instagram accounts, am I super late to declare that they've been so lucky and blessed to have a group of friends containing a lot of gorgeous people. They have turned almost every photos into photo shoot! And also spot Exact families in attendance

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