Aff - Songkarn Wedding


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aww...instead of standing next to songkan aum stood next to his n'ek...they go so well together though..sniff sniff..


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love all of her dresses. The lace one is actually more similar to GRACE KELLY wedding dress when she married Prince Rainier of Monaco. Kate Middleton was inspired by the same dress but her was definitely more simple than Aff. Love the fact that Aff wanted the same wedding dress as Grace Kelly. I actually preferred her engagement ceremony then the reception but her dresses were lovely.


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Yes I Cupid Candy had a heart attack because of Aum. Can't help it, i love the guy he's one of my faves. I love him more than i love Aff.
I see. I love them equally, maybe Aff more because my feeling toward her is just like I'm loving my guy lol. I love Aum as well, but I have another actors beside him. Aff is the only one, no other can beat her. :D


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Latest clip and latest mv shown more chemistry of the two - they were so lovely dovey - even the PRESENTATION video of them riding horse shown that. Songkran seems to in love with Aff and vice versa too <


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FINALLY!!! Look at Aff's hand lmao.

okay these two photo just make my day because aum and aff are holding hands and stuff...but if I'm Aum, I would congrats Songkran, but let him know that if he EVER :nono1: does make Aff cry, :annoyed: Aum sure got Aff's back :arrg: ...


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i wonder how much they spent in the two wedding. and that is not close friend and family, i saw a lot of people lol there were media too. the reception hall is expensively gorgeous!!! i believe songkran is more into aff than she is into him. he cried. dont see that often in a man. i wish them the best although deep inside i wish it was aum too lol


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She cried in her RECEPTION na - she thanks the people who came to support and help her plan for this May 4 event. So touching - makes me cry with her. I want my wedding to be this beautiful but with the exception that i'm poor - the chance of having such elegant wedding may be slim lmao

She's so gorgeous and i can't say enough of that - love her in her PRINCESS like dresses ..


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i am going to really really miss her onscreen, knowing now she won't be in too many lakorns...she is always so beautiful and graceful in everything she does. congrats to them both...might i add, all the thai weddings i have seen lately are truly breathtaking...they go all out and all the couples had awesome themes...aff/songkran had a farm type of engagement...chai and vicky had a ocean theme!! so happy not only for aff and songkran but seriously, all the couples who just wedded!


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Aff was stunning in that one shoulder blush dress. Reminds me of a Vera Wang dress a few seasons back. The white one I agree is more Grace Kelly but it's a bit too fussy. As is all the flower so I think I like the simplicity of the wedding at Songkran's place more.

Their video is absolutely precious though. I liked it more than Chakrit/Woonsen's video. Aff is just gorgeous there, my fave shot is the horse one, so cheesy like in the movies but cute. I'm going to miss her onscreen, cause it seems like they're not waiting to have a family at all.


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^she wont' put her career on hold - she'll still be onscreen but maybe limited lakorn (hopefully, one with P'UMM soon)