Aff - Songkarn Wedding


sarNie Adult
The sad thing is...songkarn doesn't even look like he's into her. Hardly looking at her! If u look at Krit and Woonsen's pictures..u can tell they are so happy and in love..I don't get the same feeling w/Aff and Songkarn!
I agree! They're not even holding hands! :(


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suay mak! they both look very gorgeous. i'm happy they are together. so many weddings this year...i wonder who is next! Where is Aum? I though ateam were pretty close.

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sarNie Coma
Where's Aum? i expected him to be there, wonder if Aff even invited him..i wonder which celebs were on her guest list.


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LOL the groom crying. Aff looks tired but their wedding scenery is gorgeous. It's like something right out of a movie. Very simple but elegant at the same time, fits her personality.

I bet most of the celebrities are invited to the May reception. This looks like just a close friends and family thing.


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Thanks everyone for the clips and pictures.

Aff's and songkran's wedding is very traditional and simple.

I'm sure everyone didn't have much rest. The ceremony was held at 6:09 am, I believe it was an auspicious time. Aff mentioned they only invited families and very close friends because the event was held very early in the morning and far away. They felt considerate for others and don't want to trouble them. They will hold the receiption on May 4th at Oriental Mandarin Hotel in Bangkok?

I watched the clip and they mentioned the ring he gave Aff belongs to his family so it is the heirloom piece. Aww, he was so touched and choked up during the ceremony that he cried and Aff had to hug and comfort him.

I saw the big boss of Channel 3 and his wife, Vicky, Chai and Benz were there.

Congratulations and best wishes to Aff and Songran!


sarNie OldFart
Like most of ya I too thinks it's unbelievable that Aff is married!!!! I still can't believe it. Congrats to them. :)
I Love Love Love her Hair!


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As rich as Sonkhran is, can he gets white shoes? White shoes would looks better with his white outfits even he has to walk in the grasses field,.Love Aff traditional Thai silk clothes. It beautifuls on her. Can't wait to see her reception dresses.


sarNie Coma
the wedding was different from the rest how it was outdoor and at a farm. it looks like a fairy tale! and of corse, aff was a stunning bride. so many weddings this im waiting to see vicky and chai. they just went to 2 weddings in the same week lol

congrats to the newlyweds!

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Is Aff a Khun Ying now?, according to my dad because Songkran has stars on his uniform now that Aff has married him that makes her Khun Ying???!!!

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Hey you never know, i think Aff will stop being an actress anyways. If Grace Kelly can be the princess of Monaco, Aff can be Khun Ying.