Aff & Bie @ Ratree Samosarn : Prajun See Roong


sarNie Adult
that girl aff is 4eva pretty, love her smile, love her eyes, love her dress/shoe.......bie also looked cute 2......


Staff member
waaaaaah thanks!!!!..
gosh aff is so pretty..
eeeek mam still look so beautiful :wub: xp...


RujRasa Fan
already. the lakorn hasnt aired yet but everyone look great. affs outfit is cute and shes pretty as always. i envy mam! she so good looking for her age.

thanks kayla
i totally agree that mam looks so good even for her age. she's still so pretty. aff is always pretty with her smile.

Thanx for sharing the pics. Aff and Bie are soooo cute!!! Can not wait to see this!!! :D
they are too cute, can't wait to watch them