about weir it is true that he's????


sarNie Adult
i donno if his is true but my sister just came back from laos. she said that her in laws said that on the magazine they read said he was gay...

if he chooses that then it's fine but can someone confirm if it's true or is it just rumors???


sarNie Adult
okie hehe...

i told my sis it's probably news trying to make someone look bad. so cute it would be a waste if he was ya know...


hahhhaahhahah...i wouldnt be suprise that he is....
Seem like most asian guys are gay.
Gay seem to be very popular.

I heard from my other in law side who is phillipee that in Phillippie(spelling is wrong) most guys are gay there.They are starting to turn gay alot.


sarNie Hatchling
Wow it's almost like every male actor in Thailand gets the gay rumor at some point. I guess that's when they'll know their famous: when the gay rumor starts to spread you've really made it lol

^^ i kid i kid......


sarNie Egg
he is not gay.. i know he isn't.. there are always rumors about thai singers/actors being gay and none of them are true.. its just nonsense!