A True Story of a Boy


This is a short writing that i wrote a week ago when i was bored. Nothing came to mind as i sat there, but finally i came up with this. This story is true, it's based on one of my cousins. It is really sad.

A True Story of a Boy

Jackie looked up at the bright stars in the sky. It was so painful as if her heart was being stabbed over and over again. How could she ever forget that night sky that he and she had been starring at while laying on the ground in each other’s arms? All they had in the past now gone away into a place she couldn’t even go to get back. It was like how they had compared the sky to the ground, so far apart, how were they supposed to be together? All those times they shared are now only memories in her head, deep down in her heart.

            It had been a year since he had passed away and left her in the dark. The thing that she regretted the most was not realizing that she loved him until it was too late. He was always a friend to her and nothing more, but she was the world to him. How could she have ignored that fact? The night he had passed away, he had wanted to see her and wanted her to tell it to his face that she did not like him, but she refused to go and meet him. The next morning the police had appeared at her door and told her that he was dead.

            Jackie had never wanted this to happen to him, he didn’t deserve this. She should have listened to him when he tried to reach out to her. He had told her of his family problems, but she had ignored it. Now as her tears rolled down her cheeks and off her chin to the ground, she regretted, she hurt, and she was going crazy. She only realized what he meant to her and what he had done for her. He would always be there to wipe her tears, to comfort her and she had always had a small feeling there in the back of her head for him.
            Steve had always been there for everyone he loved and they depended on him too much that they didn’t realize he was holding it all in and he was breaking himself for them. He held it cupped inside until they spilled out and he couldn’t take it anymore. He wiped his mother’s tears when his dad cheated on her, when he left them and got remarried. He comforted his sister who was having a hard time with the divorce. He was keeping a brave face to show that they can make it through when he himself was struggling.
            He had always thought that Jackie would be there for him like he had been there for her every time she got heartbroken. Only until he couldn’t take it anymore and asked her for help did he realize that he didn’t mean all that to her. With all the sadness he kept in the whole time, he decided that it was time everyone knew how he felt, how he had done everything for them. It was time for him to do it for himself. He had called Jackie and wanted to meet her for the last time, but she refused to come. Devastated, he pulled the gun to himself and shot right though the head.

            The next day his mom and sister found him in the garage and called the police. They came to investigate the place and saw the piece of paper he had left behind for them and his phone with Jackie’s number as the last contact he had called. His mother and sister called his father and informed him about Steve’s death. Jackie was informed by the police also. Steve’s dad and Jackie came by and they read his letter together, since it was his last wish. They cried like there was no tomorrow in grief that they had taken Steve for granted.

Steve’s letter:
            Mom and dad, back when you guys were just arguing, I prayed that someday it would all stop and we will be back to normal, but that was not the case. I never thought it would have to come down to this. I want to tell you that we all suffered an equal amount of pain having to go through this. Nancy has had many struggles due to your divorce. Dad, there was never a day that mom would not shed a tear and cry for us children. I had to stand up and take control and take your place to take care of them. Mom please forgive dad, I’m sure he went through a lot too.
            Nancy my dear sister, I’m sorry that your big brother will have to end this way, but I want you to know that I always love you a lot and seeing you suffer, I just can’t do it. I put on a straight face and stayed brave through all this for you and want you to learn from that. Do not keep the worries inside. Someday you’ll be brave enough to go through everything.

            Jackie, my best friend, I have always loved you from the beginning, but I know that I will never mean more than a friend to you. I’m sorry for bothering you. I don’t want you to feel that my death was your fault. My death was due to many more problems. I just wanted to say goodbye.

            Last but not least, I want you all to stand up tall and put the problems behind you, begin with a new life. Stay brave and strong through everything that you will go through no matter how hard it is. In the last moment do not give up hope, remember I’ll still be waiting for you and I’ll still be watching over you. I love you all.



Yes, this is the end of the story. It's just a short story I wrote based on one of my cousins who passed away two years ago. I know it is sad.