4 adjective describe you?


wow another dug up topic lol

um i guess boredom help keeps the forum alive lol

hey 4 words to describe me:

blunt, honest, approachable, unpredictable


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oo0o what boredom can do to you lol .... lets see my adjectives are....

fake ones: sweet, caring,sincere, and friendly :wub:

real ones: evil,mean,hateful,bitter ^_^

heheheh =) or did i lie about those? hmMmM lol


Sticky Rice
ok I'm gonne be reeeaallly honest here there is no need to hide anything you guys here is like my family =)

I'm stubborn...persistent...LAZY....and mean muahahaha

And to those who think I'm nice ya'll just haven't seen the evil side of me ^_^