15 Facts About Yourself


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cecilia said:
^no, I haven't try reading paranormal stuff yet.  I should try to get back on reading more (been too busy with school and work; it's almost impossible to read when there's good lakorn and kdrama on air too)  I love romance novels -- you should give DEVIL IN THE WINTER a read.  It's like a lakorn  and it's one of the best one from the WALLFLOWER girl gangs.  
Aymieluvsyu637, I like GUN too -- i was rooting for him to win the STAR when he was still in the battle to win for the title.  So happy he won and became this successful -- 
I really want the whole Wallflower series. They have pretty good reviews. All my other favorite authors recommend Lisa Kleypas. If you do try paranormal I recommend Christina Dodd's, "Darkness Chosen" series. ^-^


Interesting topic. I now know a bit more about you guys. Lol.
Here's mine.
1. I am very, very indecisive on who my # 1 pra ek is even though I always say it's Bie. Truth is, I'm stuck between two
2. I am different when I am at home compared to on here or outside of home so no one really knows the real me.
3. I don't care what anyone says about me as long as it's true.
4. I hate being told what to do especially when they always repeat it over and over as if I don't have a memory.
5. I dislike the idea of marrying young because I think it's the reason there are so many divorces. Because people don't truly search for the right person, they just chose who they like.
6. I don't ever want to get married because I am afraid it won't end good, based on my parents and grandparents lives.
7. I believe there is no good man in real life, only in lakorn, that is why i choose not to date.
8. I am a very sensitive and emotional person. I cry all the time when i watch something sad.
9. Despite being sensitive, I am a Horror addict.
10. I never really watch American shows or movies until I fell in love with Supernatural, especially Dean Winchester.
11. I love and adore Boy Pakorn not because he is handsome, but because he's a great actor and good person.
12. I am fluent in 3 languages and not so much in the other ones.
13. Though I may look and act like a tomboy, I am really a girly girl.
14. I don't really like Korean dramas because I don't find any of their guys attractive except for maybe Rain and Seungri.
15. This one is kept for a deep dark secret that I have kept for so long. When the time comes it will unfold itself.

Haha, hope that wasn't too awkward. :)

Cupid Candy

sarNie Coma
1. When I'm stressed I can't eat nor exercise so I sit around moping
2. I think the new biology teacher is hot and I stalk him
3. I have to wear nail polish or else I feel naked
4. I am an over thinker; making me take things wayyyy too seriously
5. I get anxious in crowded places
6. I don't like wearing revealing clothes
7. I kill every bug in my path or I get someone to do it for me
8. I can't watch shows where the actors are unattractive
9. I have an unhealthy obsession with Adam Levine (i even recorded his Proactive commercial, that's cray cray!)
10. I really hate it when people try to be me
11. I hate loud noises
12. I do things better when I'm angry
13. I still play with stuffed animals
14. I buy things because of their brand name
15. I can hold a grudge like it's no tomorrow


sarNie Adult
@ Cecilia: Thanks! It's actually a great idea. Keeps you motivated to saving money. 
@amyieluvsyu: Yes! They definitely need too. It's been too long. 


sarNie Adult
@bieluvr - interesting.. how young is too young in your opinion? I agree with your #14
@cupidcandy - same here, my nails are always done.. feels weird without it ^_^


Here are mine. :)
1. I like starring at pretty people. People who are attractive usually catch my attention.
2. I am indescribable, weird, impatient, sensitive but above all I am genuine.
3. In college, some of the people/friends I knew found out that I had a crush on this hot guy and they all made fun of me. I was so embarrassed that I avoided that guy for three years. The guy also avoided me. I think he felt the same way towards me.
4. I think Thai is a pretty language.
5. I sleep a lot. It makes me feel pretty and young. :wink: Don't know why?
6. I enjoy shopping at Sephora, Victoria's Secret, Forever21, CVS, Walmart, Target, Walgreens and JCPenney.
7. :heart: Mark Prin  :heart:
8. I was never into Kpop or Kdrama. Won Bin was the only K-thing that has ever happened to me. Lol. I love him. :heart:
9. I try to stay organize.
10. I am a hopeless romantic.
11. I am currently looking for a REAL job.
12. I want to travel the world one day.
13. My crush unfriended me on facebook after 5 years. Why?
14. I think that age is just a number.  I am forever young, childish but honest and realistic.
15. I hope to meet my soulmate one day. 


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^Daisy, I'm with you on #10 and #15.  I hope to meet my soulmate one day too -- or should I just confess to that person? Maybe 5 years from now when I find the courage to do it lol
Cupid, I used to think like that with your #14 but I realize that COMFORT is really what matter the most. I buy just about anything that make me comfortable in -- brand or no brand, I'm happy with them all.  Your #7 made me cringe b/c I have the same problem too -- I love walking in the rain but I can't stand worms. If anyone were to follow me after it rained, they'll see how I walk on that sidewalk (zig zag lol)
Bieluver, I find your #6 hard for me too. I'm surrounded by cheaters, so I find it real hard to see myself in a marriage.  In fact, the wall I build around me are still there.  I'm too afraid to take that step b/c I don't want to get hurt.  I know it's sad that we allow the relationship of others to take a big toll on us but at the end of the day, I really can't help it.  BUT i guess this also affect how I'd love the person I'm going to love too -- I'm an one heart one love kind of person so if I were to love someone, I hope and pray that he won't hurt me in return.  I really can't accept an unfaithful relationship :( If I find out that my other half is cheating on me, I'd walk out of the relationship.  It sounds mean but come to think of it, if he really does love me, he would have never cheat on me in the first place. Therefore, walking out on him is an easy way out of not forcing myself to put up with it.   Ah! I like your #14 for RAIN :wub:
Janajelly, your #8 hits me hard. I think I have a lot of tolerance too but if it really does get out of hands, I'll show it (usually last for 10 minutes) then I'm back to myself.  My problem is that I don't get too upset at people for far too long lol (except when I'm taken advantage of) 
Chalidaluvprin, I start to wonder about your #8 of me now lol I agree with your #12.  Bullying is bad, bad, bad!
Mahalo, I'm with you on #12. I cry when watching anything sad too.  I'm very sensitive when it comes to tragic love story or anything about mother (i love my mom). Lol
Rose, we have so many in common; explains why we get along so well with our favorites <3
Hahaha! Similar and contrary to most of you girls, I consider myself a fashionista. One day, I can be a tomboy and throw on some jeans, wallabees, and a long-sleeve, and I'll be good to go. One day, I can be a girly girl and get all dolled up. Lol. Then, there are days when I just want to look professional. I buy all kinds of clothes but I'm the type of person who wears a jacket, cardigan, or blazer over everything! Lol!
Here's the best part though. I buy brand named clothing BUT, I tend to get HUGE discounts and normally pay half price the majority of the time. Perks of working in the mall...managing... ;)

p. Zoua

sarNie Oldmaid
Here's mines.
1. I love watching movies
2. I can easily work/like on anything, as long as I put my mind to it.
3. I love boran lakorns
4. I like historical/folktales and old school things.
5.I love ice cream (don't matter the season)
6. Currently working a third shift job (not the best but will do).
7. I'm a half full kind of person.
8. I'm a visual learner. I need pictures.
9. 22 years old and not married yet. 
10. I'm open minded person
11. I'm not much of a dress up or make up person.
12. I have a lovely and caring boyfriend
13. Sometimes I feel like I'm always in the middle of things; specially since i'm the middle daughter.
14. I love to make fanmade mvs (mostly of boran lakorns for now); but now I'm reconsidering of making another channel where I can expand my horizons specially for other drama series and movies that I've watched and loved/liked. XD
15. I am glad to meet all of you here on AF :)


01. I can never say "no" regardless if I want to or not; I just feel bad if I don't do it (yes, really bad!)
02. I have a shelf collection containing boran lakorns and tons of old Bollywood movies
03. Whenever I am angry or yell at a person(s), I tend to have second thoughts about what I should have done differently
04. Never had a boyfriend and want to keep it that way for a long while 'cause I'm happy where I am
05. I am also a hopeless romantic in which I indulge myself in a lot of films
06. I love chocolate and ice cream
07. I listen to other Asian genres more than I listen to American/English music
08. When I was young, I thought about what ethnicity I wanted to be in my next life, either Indian or Thai (haha, this was so silly!)
09. I like beautiful, bright colors which is why I love Bollywood and the color yellow
10. I am the most patient person in my family
11. I like to save money and only buy things if I necessarily need it
12. Typical clothes preference is a shirt/tank and pjs/shorts
13. I don't wear heels nor boots; I look really weird in them
14. I am cheap (lmao!!)
15. Lastly, I am a very organized person and like to keep things clean.


aymieluvsyu637 said:
@bieluvr - interesting.. how young is too young in your opinion? I agree with your #14
@cupidcandy - same here, my nails are always done.. feels weird without it ^_^
To me, really young would be anywhere between 13-25yrs old. I know a lot of people considers 20 and up old, but not me. LOL I don't know why though.


sarNie Adult
thatsouthernasianchick said:
Another fact about me...
- I do not know how to write in lowercase. Lol.
lol I don't like writing lowercase letters too :high5:


I love how we all have so much in common haha
1.) I'm the only one in my family who has an Asian name and an American name that wasn't put on my birth certificate.
2.) My American name given by my father came from the state I live in California; Kalie
3.) I am the only lefty in my family
4.) My Family is My Everything. FAMFIRST
5.) I never had a boyfriend before
6.) I am still close to my friends who I grew up with since elementary school up until highschool. I love my friends.
7.) Dance was one of my passions. During my senior year of highschool, I wanted to leave a footprint so I created a dance crew where we would perform during school events. I was the choreographer and basically the leader who set the rules for my crew. The name of my crew was "SOL Crew" because we idolized Tae Yang and I was known as "Y.G SMiLeZ" the form of  YG. Entertainment. From time to time, you will see me cover a choreo on my Instagram. Dance has never really left me.
8.) I don't drive because I have a phobia. Sighs.
9.) I love making music videos of my favorite daras because I am able to get creative with the story lines.
10.) I am a Thai Fanatic. In 2005, I self-taught myself Thai and by 2011, I attended a Thai Study class taught at a Thai temple.Dii chun pood pasat Thai dai nid noi kha. I was able to learn the Thai customs and language during my time there. The people I met  especially my Ajarn left a big impact on me. I love her to pieces. 
11.) I love to dress to impress when I am out
12.) There is not a day that I don't smile or laugh
13.) I have the same birthday as Beam Kawee and Tae Yang.
14.) The first men in my life: Sornram, Tik, Mos, Dome Pakorn, Beam Kawee and now; James Ma, James Ji and Toomtam.
15.) After 4 years of nagging my father, I am allow to travel to Thailand. See you soon "The Land of Smiles," where I belong to. 555 Keep Smling :D


. : Lady Yue : .
I saw this thread around last year & read through it. It was very interesting reading 15 facts of each member in which for some of the facts I could relate lol. I wanted to post my 15 facts too but I was kind of lazy lol well here I am again :D. Oops I accidentally clicked post tab before typing up my 15 facts, here go:

1. I'm light skinned
2. I love desserts (favorites: red velvet cheesecake, macarons, green tea mochi ice cream & so much more lol)
3. When I shop I head to the home decor aisle first before heading to the clothing/accessories/shoe aisle
4. I like the ocean specifically the Pacific Ocean (I want to live somewhere near it lol)
5. I love exotic/tropical fruits (durian, mangosteen & so much more lol)
6. I like to wear flats (Gosh I wish I am a few inches taller)
7. I was named by my father's eldest brother after some rich lady, he hopes that I will be rich someday LOL
8. I love PHO! Beef ox tails, beef meatballs, chicken & vegetarian types are all my favorites!
9. I like pretty & cute handmade things
10. I love gemstones (favorites: Aquamarine, Emerald, Ruby, Oregon Sunstone, Tourmaline, Opal, Moonstone, Sapphire, Morganite, Tanzanite, Kyanite, Zircon, Kunzite & so much more & of course got to include Diamond too lol)
11. I have my hair all tied up all the time unless when I'm sleeping or I have short hair
12. I often get women of my ethnicity saying could they get some of my head hair lol, I would be thinking "get in line lady" LOL
13. I believe there are things that couldn't be explained or scientifically proven; I believe there is life outside of Earth
14. Captain Yoo is my hubby lol
15. I love my family even though we drive each other crazy sometimes lol
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sarNie Oldmaid
Here's mine :) Honestly thinking about facts about yourself can be hard looool

  1. No boyfriend since birth
  2. My style of dressing is t-shirt and shorts or pants, I only wear dresses during special occassions
  3. A WWE fan
  4. Loves Asian stuff (Thai lakorns and celebs, Kpop/K-drama and idols, Taiwanese/Hong Kong dramas and idols). But I also appreciate foreign stuff especially American movies
  5. Saw a ghost twice
  6. First heartbreak was in high school due to unrequited love
  7. I dislike wearing make-up and heels
  8. Gets offended easily
  9. Prefers crying when alone or opening up to a friend
  10. I save photos of my favorite pairings and even set as wallpaper
  11. I love everything about travel, fashion, food, entertainment, luxury, technology
  12. I want to travel the world
  13. I have plans of migrating abroad
  14. I have two best friends for more than a decade.
  15. I treasure all the people who are a part of my life. :)
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sarNie Oldmaid
Why not participate? hehehe

1. I honestly have not read any of the previous posts/facts from other members...I like to work backwards :)
2. I am almost 30!! And it freaks me out because I feel like life is going by way too fast.
3. I am bad at saving money. Make more, spend more :/
4. My dream vacation is just to stay home, be with family, and watch lakorns all day.
5. I love diet Pepsi, not diet Coke (I can still drink it though) and tea of any kind.
6. My favorite season is winter even though I am born in the fall.
7. I hope to travel to Japan one day because I like the cool technology and colors they use.
8. I dislike the ocean, yet my family always go on a beach vacay, ugh. Love them too much to say no.
9. Gotta talk about candy. I love licorice, especially redvines, Mr. Goodbar, Charleston Chews (strawberry) any lemon flavored candy except the hard candy.
10. I think I am a great cook, but play it off like I don't think I am lol.
11. My pet peeve is doing everything I can to accept someone and be a good friend, but they can't see that I am sincere towards them.
12. I am really close to my little sister even though we don't share the same opinions on things.
13. My mom had breast cancer last year and our family kept it to ourselves for a really long time. Some people are still clueless since we kept her at home except for treatments and therapy and they asked my mom why she would give herself a short haircut. She didn't have a choice in that matter. Going through this became my biggest fear, losing my mom. And biggest reason why I didn't sign onto asianfuse.
14. I want a house that is accessible because I think long term for when I am old and on a big plot of land just to say I have it hahaha.
15. My favorite number is 5, favorite letter is E, and favorite animal is an elephant.