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Discussion in 'Thai' started by darvil, Nov 27, 2012.

  1. K&K

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    only u can do just much, I appreciate your effort, I've seen u around reminding people of the rules, but too bad, only u can't do all. However, what can u guys do more than just "reminding" if one keeps violating the rules? I am just wondering, cuz "reminding" doesn't hurt them lol

    Mods have the authority while members don't. That's why mods are for enforcing the rules and keep people doing things right. However so far, rules are only words, some follows the rules, some don't, even mods remind them, they are thick-skinned enough to ignore the rules. Others think AF is like a house, they want to keep their house neat and clear while others think AF is like a trash can, dump everything in it

    @SonYukView4ever I dont think it's "too much work", it takes extra steps but it protects your pics from "dying", u know when u hot link, the links will die later, and no pics will show up for others later to see. What is the point of posting pics for it to disappear later?
  2. aikoden

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    @SonYukView4ever, Our priority here is to refrain from hot-linking, and uploading onto our own servers.
    Hot-linking is an easy thing to do, but we must understand that it takes time for others to upload and share images with us as well.
    Plus, some sites only allow a few bandwidth percentage of viewing etc.. We don't want to waste others' bandwidth..
    And yes, I agree with K&K, by uploading onto your own server, the images will last longer.. unless you yourself decide to delete them in the future.

    An important thing to note too is that even if hot-linking is allowed, no credits are provided. I see this a lot here in the threads.

    Before posting the rules, we the mods revised it ourselves. If there's any future conflicts with the rules, the other mods and I will check to see if it's necessary to do a revision. If there's any complaints, we'll try to deal with them and meet half-way if it's possible. This way, both sides will be happy. AsianFuse isn't just for our own personal use. It's for everyone. Please try to understand.

    @K&K, true. Thanks for understanding. There's only so much and little things I can do.

    For now, I'm reminding the new members I haven't caught yet, but if they were to be caught again, I'll increase their warnings on the warn statuses. Once a member gets to a certain percentage, they are banned from the forum for a few days. The banning days depend on their actions as well.
  3. Asy

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    Since someone brought this up, I thought I'd share my POV.

    I didn't mean to point anyone, but I quoted these two posts for example, please don't be angry at me.

    A user hotlinked some pictures and at the end of her post, she wrote 'more photos at FB'.
    After that, a mod reminded her to not hotlink and the same mod shared the FB link.

    For me, I'd take that the user just wanted to snippet some fitting photos and if the others wish to see other pics, just check on the FB (the user should share the link, actually). TBH, I really thanked her for not filling up the page w/ photos b/c I'm not so into fitting photos. :p The thing is, the mod reminded her, but then share the link.
    Oh, so we can share the links, but not hotlink photos? When actually the photos were from the link? Err, do you get what I mean?

    And so my answer is,
    What is the point of posting links for it to die later? Even YouTube videos can be deleted.

    If the hotlinked photos disappear, the link that is shared also disappear. I'm sorry, but what I really thought after that was 'why don't the mod upload on her own server, so that she'll be more helpful?' If the mods are lazy, the other users will be lazier.


    Everyone is enjoying photos, but not everyone is willing to share, download and upload photos, for example fitting photos or BTS. Usually, it's always the same person who'd like to share photos. There are like almost hundreds for one lakorn. I'd really respect ones if they're really kind to upload fitting photos for every single lakorns on their own server. And after years, no one see it anymore because no new user is willing to read the 100+ pages anyway (if you get what I mean).

    Every links will eventually dies anyway. Today, photobucket is still useful, but we can't predict what happens tomorrow. This isn't related, but I think this is an example: Megaupload was used by almost of us, we thought it was the best site, but what happened now? And that was one of the reason why we lost some dedicated uploader on BM sections. Nothing lasts forever. And I really don't want the same thing happens on lakorns thread.

    I'd say that we shouldn't be so strict about posting photos / links on lakorns thread. USUALLY for new lakorns, it will takes time before the links dies, maybe years. After years, people don't really bother photos, they're more into reviews about the lakorns (I think).

    I don't mean that to enforce this rule (no hotlink) is no good, it's really good, for some sections like Photo Gallery , Magazine , Cover Issue, Scan. And I really appreciate Cupid Candy for doing that. Anyone can be as hardworking as Cupid Candy and Alice? Of course there are others as hardworking, but only when it's related to their favorites. Other than that, I can't think of anyone else except CC and Alice. Even to hotlink photos also takes times.

    Sorry for such a long post, terrible English and all, but I really appreciate who read my post lol. This is the way I think anyway, I'm such a poor person. And I'm sincerely sorry if I offense anyone. I really love AsianFuse, truly from my small heart.
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    ^ My response to you Asy.

    Well, I apologize if I did not reupload pictures to share and instead shared a link. The only problem I saw that I did wrong was not crediting the FB page. Feel free to correct me if you think otherwise. Not everyone is perfect, even I made a measely mistake like that.

    As for the reason why I only posted the link, it was because I did not want to jumble the whole page with images because there was quite a few. Maybe the other member wanted to share only specific pictures, true, who knows. Everyone is different in the ways they choose to do their actions. I apologize if that one action turned and made me "lazy."

    In my opinion, sharing links and hot-linking images differ. Why? Because clicking on the link takes you to the actual source, while hot-linking is like stealing from the source. I apologize if that sounds rude. This is my point of view only afterall.

    *Note that I tried my best not to let my emotions invovled with this, escept for the opinion part.
  5. Asy

    Asy sarNie Immature

    aiko, I really didn't mean to pick on you and said you were lazy. My point was like 'the apple doesn't fall far from tree'. It's just the same in this forum situation, some users were behaving like K&K mentioned, they "think AF is like a trash can, dump everything in it". If the mods can only share links, the other members will also share links, and at the end AsianFuse is just a place for you to share links (and download things!). But if the mods (for me, being a moderator is like being a leader, and is idolized by the others) can really show that they are really interested to contribute, share news and all (and prove that it's not difficult to follow the rules), the other members will eventually follow it.

    Do you get it? Or my explanation just makes it worst? I'm truly sorry for you misunderstood my statement. You definitely aren't lazy, aikoden. Though you MIA for the past few months, you actually 'redeemed' it. After you came back, I can see that you works hard to make this forum more clean and organized. You even contributed on BM section, I really thank you. I need to stress again that I'm sorry! And you're not lazy, seriously.

    I accept your ideas about hotlink and sharing links aren't the same (and it doesn't sounds rude anyway). But if we hotlink and provide credit, will it still be called 'stealing'?
    So I've to ask, download and upload on your own server and then share with credit or no credit AND hotlink with credit, are they different? Either way is the same. In my pov, upload on your own server is 'more stealing'.
    After reading your post, I think the most important thing is to always provide credits. Either hotlink or not, I think we must always share the link to the original sources.
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  6. K&K

    K&K sarNie Juvenile

    " But if we hotlink and provide credit, will it still be called 'stealing'?"

    yep it's still called stealing, basically when u hot link u take away someone's bandwidth or in other words, you steal someone's else bandwidth

  7. fun

    fun YGfamily

    That is why we are putting our foot down. It is exactly because we are too nice and kind for letting a lot of things slip. And actually from all the forums I have been to, this forum is by far the only forum without strict rules. I normally don't warn members and do the edit myself, but if it is continuous, that is when I will start sending messages and then if the message does not work I would use the warning.

    I am fine with that, I already made a post about it previously. There are other methods that other have brought up and I am fine with that too. As long as it is not quoting all 5 photos with only a thank you note attached to it and especially if it is on the same page. Like I said that's what the Thanks button is for.

    There's no limit but there are regulation against consecutive spamming. I normally look at the time stamp if there's many consecutive post from one member within a single topic thread.

    I don't mind others hotlinking my photos. But others do mind. So I am in the middle. If the original uploader ask for people to not hotlink, I would respect their wishes (asianwiki/d-addicts/etc). Most bloggers won't like it so do not hotlink their picture links, and they have their reason. I do not know how it works on FB, Ch3, Ch7, etc. But I once hotlink a lot of photos from the Ch3 website, I believe it was in 2010. But I haven't done so recently.

    Admin/Mods have other duties and life outside the world wide web. We have over 1,000 members and cannot regulate every single post being made. That is why we have the Report button.
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  8. cecilia

    cecilia Staff Member

    When quoting photo .. just take off the tag ... and leave just the URL link. This help save spaces/time for the people with low internet speed.

    Again -- these are new changes that need to be follow. I feel the forum have been too lenient .. to the point where everyone can roam around freely without care and respect for one another. In all honestly, these rules would have not been put into WORDS if everyone learn to respect,considerate and appreciate each other's space.

    [s]I've made a new change to the HOTLINKING ISSUES -- it's okay to HOTLINK from big database like FACEBOOK/INSTAGRAM b/c both servers have free loading photos -- almost like photobucket, imageshack, tinypic, etc. As for hotlinking from other small private servers -- please REFRAIN from doing that b/c these can be tricky - we do not want anyone's bandwidth run out for the month for hotlinking by us so PLEASE PLEASE ... think twice before hotlinking it.[/s]

    If any one have question -- feel free to pm one of us moderators in private -- we'll be more than happy to help explain things for you. Thanks all for 'trying' to follow these newly update rules.

    [quote="K&K, post: 909304"]
    There are rules but there is no enforcing. I still see people hot link pics, no credits provided. I've only seen two or one mods actually coming in the threads and warning, but one of them ended up spazzing and perhaps ignored violators?

    The rest is pretty utterly useless.
    Rule are being enforce slowly -- nothing can be done miraculously. If you see spammers, it's best to report/remind them. if you see people not giving credit - it's best you remind them or report them. As mod and members of the forum, it's our job to help one another learn to become better -- not pull each other down. Not everyone here are useless. We all have lives to run and things to do therefore we can't be here 24/7 monitoring. Most of us moderators have been with the forum since the birth of it and we have see changes time after time but things had never been this bad .. until the recent years. I personally think to become a better community as a whole -- everyone needs to be each other's eyes and ears AND that is to remind each others or have someone with the authority to do so in private conversation.

    Asy, i understood what you meant ... us moderators are not lazy, if we are lazy, we wouldn't be on our toes trying to make a difference after years of letting things slide by. On top of that, to build a better community, everyone should shares -- don't just rely on moderators and administrators to provide it. This is why the 'THANKS' button and 'LIKES' button comes in handy. It's useful to show that the members do care about those who shares/uploads. I understand it's tiring to the members but as long as they provide the link to see the rest of the photos from that particular server things will be fine. (I know you mean no offense to anyone and i meant no offense to you as well.)

    As for hotlinking -- [s]like i said before -- big database companies like FACEBOOK/INSTAGRAM can be hotlink but be considerate of the smaller one ... i prefer a no hotlinking method but due to everyone's busy schedule -- it's understandable at time and that's why i feel that hotlinking from FACEBOOK/INSTAGRAM are alright -- but for other to PLEASE PLEASE refrain from it.[/s] [b][color=#ff0000]UPLOAD TO ONE OWN PRIVATE ACCOUNT THEN SHARE - IF YOU DON'T HAVE TIME, MIGHT AS WELL NOT SHARE IT .. BUT to save time, please share the direct link to the site where you've seen the photos from -- AGAIN REFRAIN FROM HOTLINKING ..[/color][/b]

    Also, if there are one too many photos to share and whoever is sharing is tired of uploading it to their own servers -- its' best recommend to provide the direct link to head to that place to see the whole things. In fact, this is even more simple than hotlinking. Directing links to see the original photos post there is okay as long as credit is provided. Again, i would truly appreciate if EVERYONE of us try to be each other eyes and ears -- help guide one another to follow rules or better yet - report to a moderators. We can solve the problem so much easier this way than to have everyone complains about one another here.
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  9. SonYukView4ever


    This is of great news and mind-freeing to know Ceci! I like and appreciate that you put lenience towards hot-linkings from IGs/FBs because again those are big FREE Loading databases; and saves us time from our busy lives to share something with AsianFuse! Promise we will not abuse this rule and will ALWAYS provide credits. :)

    Great team work AF!
  10. K&K

    K&K sarNie Juvenile

    lol it's so laughable that hotlink from FB, IG is ok, FB isn't an image sharer and neither IG loool
  11. cecilia

    cecilia Staff Member

    i know that FB is not image sharer for others but individual account have the rights to share their photos elsewhere as well .. Like i said above FB/IG have a bigger database -- thus more suitable for photo sharing than the smaller servers. It's not made for hotlinking but it is made for photosharing through facebook and other sites (take for example, i can share my own upload photos here from facebook .. and it still works fine -- Also, as long as credit is provided to its owner it should be alright http://www.facebook....124590517619792 This help link even allows individual to share the link to non-facebook people. IG stated that photos can be share on social media sites also therefore they're aware of this whole hotlinking issue did not restrict anyone from not sharing it)

    As of now, this is the only option we have right now considering how much load of works some people does not want or have time to upload it to their own private account -- Not to mention, imageshack only limit ppl to upload a max of 500 photos (unless members want to upgrade their accts to premium. Tinypic only allow one photo upload at a time unless you want to open an account with them -- which is through photobucket again.) Nowadays, everyone needs membership to do this or that and it would take twice the effort to get something done especially for those who are busy and just want to share a few photos and direct the link to see the whole original page.

    Again, you may laugh all you want unless you come up with a better solution than this right now. Until then -- being considerate of the smaller servers is the best option. Any suggestions?
  12. ampoo

    ampoo sarNie Egg

    Whether you have a huge database or not, they pay for their bandwidth. Why is this forum allowing members to steal?

    Just because a link will die later and no one will care to see it anymore, it is very careless that you don't consider them just because they are huge like IG and FB? They are paying for the bandwidth you steal.

    All you need to do is upload to imageshack, imgur, or photobucket. If time is what you're complaining, you're still inconsiderate of the other people who takes their time to upload too. Even people who upload their photos to photobucket have to pay for their bandwidth because people are stealing.
  13. K&K

    K&K sarNie Juvenile

    My only suggestion is that save the pics to your computer and then upload it on an image sharer site. It's funny to say FB or IG have huge database so we can hotlink them, it's as same as saying, we should go to Starbucks and get coffee for free becuz they have too much coffee there LOL

    and what? FB links don't die? Oh please, go check the links that hot link from FB or IG, they die sooner than those links from any image sharer site.

    Again, FB and IG ARE NOT image sharer sties, and so please don't treat them like one
  14. cecilia

    cecilia Staff Member

    Since this is a community forum ... suggestions and thoughts are taken into account. Let's just called it quite on photo hotlinking ... and be considerate of each other bandwidth.


    Upload to private servers -- if you can't -- then don't share ... best suggestion right now is to share DIRECT LINK to have members go there to read it ..

    for example:
    I saw so and so's photo here : http://women.sanook.com/gallery/gallery/1126115/346579/
    Credit: sanook
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  15. aikoden

    aikoden ♥DREAMER♥ Staff Member

  16. InMessy

    InMessy sarNie Hatchling

    I'm totally support rules like respect others and no porn...
    Other rules may not convenient to me but I wil try my best to follow them...
    I just hope admin and moderator can handle the argument or conflict fairly when it comes to their own favourite stars with those they don't like ....
    I didn't mean any specific admin or moderator here are not fair enough...I have been experienced this before somewhere else...Then I came to this forum...
    So... :scratchhead2:
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  17. cecilia

    cecilia Staff Member

    ^constructed criticism are welcome as long as it doesn't target individual people in a negative way.
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  18. noungning

    noungning Heartless

    If you or anyone here ever feels they are being treated unfairly because of favoritism, PM me and I will deal with it.

    I do not have a preference for any actors/singers/etc. I barely even know most of the new ones. :scratchhead2:
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  19. mintwix

    mintwix MMの弁護士。

    Basic forum etiquette. When you can't defeat someone with logic or evidence, don't resort to seeking personal drama.   Strawman, red herring, ad hominen. Nasty stuff.
  20. treeyalee

    treeyalee sarNie Egg

    thanks for the rules

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