❤️ Rules all members must follow on the forum


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Please read the rules carefully.

Limit the use of back to back responses with 5 or less photos per post (with the exception that some users may have less than 5 photos to share for the day). Members are allow to post 2 BACK TO BACK (consecutive) posts. Please help keep the forum organize by reporting those who does not follow the rules to the moderators or administrator of the forum. Member who fail to follow this rule after the three warning will be ban from the board for 5 straight days.

DO NOT QUOTE PHOTO post! A friendly reminder will be sent to whoever fail to acknowledge this warning. Ban rule will applied after the third warning.

Example HERE to quote to give thanks or simply click "Like This".

PLEASE RESPECT EACH OTHERS PRESENCE by not making rude remarks of one another (such as posting in the wrong thread when the information is clearly related to that particular individual listed in the topic thread). It is okay to post information/thoughts/etc related to a certain dara, script, etc., in that specific thread as long as the sub-topics are related to the main topic in some sort of ways. (e.g. ANNE T's other works can be brought in to discuss/relate in Sawan Bieng thread as long as they are relevant to the current conversation or whatever the case is at the time.)

Personal attacks will not be tolerated at this board starting from today onward. If you have personal issues with each other, politely have this figured out through private messaging (this is why PM is useful). Sarcasm will be tolerated as long as it does not cross the line into rudeness/insult and it should not be stereotype to insult certain actors and fan groups. Just like spamming rule, you will receive three warning before getting ban from the forum. If you have more than 3 bans for the year your name will get deleted off the board (we reserve the right to do this as a moderator and administrator of the forum). Constructive criticisms are allowed but insulting/mocking comments with clear intention to put others down in a derogatory manner will NOT be tolerated. Reports of such act will be investigated which could lead to the closing of your topic or a 'possible' termination of your membership for failure to follow the rules.

Repetitively and unhealthy debate threads will be closed without warning or closing notes.

The forum had been accused numerous times that members here doesn't give proper credit therefore we like to enforce this rule a little more this year and onward. Please provide proper credit when sharing/posting news/images/links from other forum/site here. Do credit Asianfuse properly when information are taken out of here to post in another forum/site. It's okay to take information as long as you provide proper credit. Failure to do so will result in topic closing with no closing notes or warning.

E.g. of credit would be like : Credit: as tagged (on the photo) or magazinedee.com (something of this nature).

REFRAIN FROM HOT-LINKING photos. Other site might have a limit on their bandwidth so it's wise and best recommended to use free hosting servers to upload and share it here. Not only will it benefit the other sites it also benefits the members here in the long run. Some free image hosting servers include: [URL="http://imageshack.us"]http://imageshack.us[/url] , [URL="http://www.tinypic.com"]http://www.tinypic.com[/url] , [URL="http://www.photobucket.com"]http://www.photobucket.com[/url], [URL="http://imgur.com/"]http://imgur.com/[/url], [URL="http://picasa.google.com/"]http://picasa.google.com/[/url], etc.

FROM NOW ON - DO NOT HOTLINK - UPLOAD YOUR PHOTOS TO THE ABOVE SUGGEST SERVERS OR DON'T SHARE THEM AT ALL. HOWEVER, to save time, you can share the direct links to where you've the photos from. For instance, if i don't have time to upload 30 pix into my own private photobucket/imageshack, etc. account, i can just share the direct link to see it like this : [URL="http://women.sanook....1126115/346579/"]http://women.sanook....1126115/346579/[/url] (credit: sanook)

Spicyforum or any other forum are not related to Asianfuse (except that we're hosted by the same person) therefore refrain from dragging any personal issue from that forum over to this forum. You may share news as long as it has authenticity (credibility w/proper source) otherwise we will not allow them. We DO NOT encourage or would allow any group to use Asianfuse as a platform to promote hatred, involve derogatory speech and unnecessary name calling against any individual or company. This will create unnecessary fights between the fans as well as bringing shame to the forum itself.

Asianfuse has a big group, our readers consists of kids, teens, tweens, young adults and adults. We do not allow anyone to post photos that are close to being or is pornography or links to them. Sexy screenshots from dramas are OK because they have been screened and allowed on national television both in the US or other countries. But screenshots from movies with explicit scenes are NOT OK. Please only post photos that are passing these criteria. We do not promote any photos or materials of this nature. If you see something you question, please ask one of the moderators/admin. If we find you posting these types of photos or materials, we will remove them and issue a warning and if it continues you will be banned.

If you do not know what trolling is, please read here. Troublemakers will not be tolerated. We want this community to be welcoming to everyone. If you are here to solely cause problems, you are not welcomed here. If your behavior is reported and we find that you are trolling, you will be warned up to a max of 3 times. If you do not correct your behavior, you will be permanently banned.
Please limit your use of font size and font colors.  Avoid excessive USAGE! Too much can be TOO MUCH!


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Thank you for posting the rules.

Hope members read this post and try to abide these rules.


OMG YES DARV!!! finally you brought out these rules... I was getting tired of all these spam and jazzy comments, that's pretty much why I don't come on as much anymore.... let's make this change everyone and make AsianFuse as fun as before....


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Rule #5 made it seems like issues start from Spicy. :secret: Anyway cuz Af starts fight without their help. Oh also, you're also implying they're not authentic. lol Even if it wasn't your intention it has implication because most of your sources come from there.

What are the consequnces of bashing other forums?


@Funnyz.... I think your misunderstanding the message... we never meant to accuse or offend any other forums (especially Spicy)... we are trying to stop this from happening.... I hope you understand that we are not trying to point fingers...



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^ I agree with triANGgo.

Thanks for posting the rules up for all the members to see Darvil :)
I'll try my best to monitor the forum so these rules won't get broken.


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In response to #6, there was the time that I came across some user's profile that I believed they were spammers. At their 'About Me' they posted some R pictures (poor my virgin eyes) and links. How about that? Report that user?


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Question for Rule #2.
What do u mean "No quoting" ???
How would people know that we are responding to them ????