❤[GMMTV]Happy Birthday Series (?) : Push Puttichai/ Mild Wiraporn

Discussion in 'Currently broadcasting & New Lakorn' started by dancy, Feb 1, 2018.

  1. fun

    fun YGfamily

    @spanky please do give this a shot. kind of gloomy and dark. im glad that thai lakorn are moving pass the kiss/slap genre but it sucks that the bigger channel will not do the same especially in a captivating storyline.
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  2. xcinsationalx

    xcinsationalx sarNie Adult

    From the trailer alone I can tell the series is going to be sad, I'll hold off on it until more episodes are available with English subtitles.
  3. lilyalana

    lilyalana sarNie Hatchling

    yeah, this is more to dark and heavy drama, the first i think of gmmtv series that is this heavy. and so many things are yet to be answered and every eps has so many twist and turns. thats why i'm waiting until it finish airing, if not i'm gonna go crazy with anticipation

    another thing is that i'm very impressed with Mild. she has come so far and her acting has improved so much. i still remember her early works (ugly duckling series, love book love series) i cringe watching her. but this year, Happy Birthday and The Judgement has been her best work so far
  4. spanky

    spanky sarNie Oldmaid

    Mild is really good.

    I feel GMM has a lot of versatile roles.

    I'll diff. Check it out after it ends

    One sucky thing with them is they air it 1x a week. I know they have shorter lakorns but I do lakorn week by week. Mia 2018 was the last 1 I did so. Well a lakorn engaging enough for me.

    I started judgement on Netflix but didn't fully "watch".

    I'm in a more lighthearted mode during the winter days
  5. 72701

    72701 sarNie Adult

    The judgement was really heavy, but it's one of the few I watched from beginning to end weekly. It was a change of pace for Thai dramas, and I like that it tackles social issues.

    It's the type of storyline that I expect from America or Japan, so it's nice that Thailand is branching out from their usual to attract international viewers.

    But again, it is VERY HEAVY and DARK. There is a "13 Reasons Why" vibe about it.
  6. fun

    fun YGfamily

    how can you leave for 17 years and not know that your child has died! that is some devastating news when you have turn your life around... man this show just keeps getting twisted!
  7. infinitelymena

    infinitelymena sarNie Egg

    This was a really good series. Mild and Pluem did an amazing job. I really loved their sibling relationship . I couldn't stop crying.
  8. icebe

    icebe sarNie Hatchling

    This series was really good, it made me cry a lot.
    Hope gmmtv will make more dramas of this quality in the future.

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