❤ [Ch3] Mee Piang Ruk (Citizen Kane) : Ken Theeradeth and Toey Jariporn



My thoughts on this matter is both of them have faults here because If noi wants her production to blossom she needs to venture out of her comfort zone and use someone other than her husband, I think people overlook her because she use her husband almost all the time, she does has the potential as i seen her lakorn Ra Raerng Fai 2017, Ken T is one most thought actor but he is not young anymore, he should choose the more projects that is new & work with different production and try new challenges as he could but I feel he just went with flow and accept every projects from his wife which made him comfortable and tag along to the process.
Both of them should have kept work & Family separate and be professional so that their career flourish to their full potential.
Well said sweetheart!


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Really :fighting3: they really had to do blackface didnt they smh im disappointed in Toey but not surprised. Im not gonna call her racist cause i dont think she is but she for sure is ignorant!
Hmm. The dark face I don't mind, but then she wore dreads. . . but then again whatever. I'm not gonna be too sensitive about it. Don't wanna let it ruin my Ken-mood.


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some scenes look cute and some just look cringey :sad6: does ken have any other work lined up after this? noi just had to waste his precious with toey didnt she :facepalm:
When I get insecure I think about Noi and get reminded how insecurity is poison. Why did she decide to become a producer ? Started to believe one reason is to prevent hubby from working with potentially hot snatchers. Can't blame her tho *CoughGypsyPimSeanCough*


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Well those nangeks today are pretty scandalous lol. Its even worse when you have crazy fans cheering them to dump their significant others and get with their koojin. No respect
If it was not that she was focusing more on her family life and works outside of lakorns, insecure would have casted Chompoo non stop in her lakorns with her hubby no matter how damp their chemistry is and the amount of failures
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I think every fandom is like that. Haha. Only very few wish the best for both parties in their respected personal lives. Haha.

Chompoo? No. . . . no way. Hahahaha. I'll take Toey anyday over her .


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The Ost can only be listened to once cause the nasal voice is a no-no.

The lakorn looks corny at some parts I am sure there are more since only 4 minutes are shown. Toey might try to be too cute in here. She's cuter when she isn't trying. She's not her best in here.

So what do I get by watching the Ost...Both Toey and Ken have better chemistry with their food. They ate like 4 times in the video and seemed to love the relationship they have with their food.


Lol @SuzieJ


Idk about y’all but I’m actually looking forward to this. Haha, Toey is one hilarious character in here. She’s not in your face pretty but she’s got a very chic and fresh personality that always make you smile. Hahah at least it does for me :)