❤️You know you are watching a Thai lakorn when...


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LOL :lol: But people eat up this stuff like candy. Numnao I guess. I'll add a few more.

52. You know you're meeting your soul mate/true love when you have a bad driving day and wreck into the opposite sex's car or run them over-Nothing like the threat of rising insurance costs to jumpstart the romance
53. N'ek is always an obnoxious little bi*** to the p'ek but acts like Ghandi without the brains to the bad guys and everyone else-guess multiple personality disorder is a must have for the n'eks
54. P'eks must also always have MPD, they are a perfect gentleman to the n'rais but behave like a big hairy abusing ape to the n'eks
55. There are 2 kinds of rapists (see #1 on 2cute2care's list), the second kind is the skanky bad girl who rapes p'eks usually by drugging them (Note: this kind of rape is not ok)
56. You know Thai people are in a foreign land when they have on 10 layers of clothing, hats, scarves and gloves, because winter is the only season that exists outside of Thailand
57. The bad guy/girl always goes crazy at the very end
58. The only place you're allowed to declare your true pure love is at the beach
59. Following this declaration of love, you're only allowed a forehead kiss, nevermind you've already raped the gal
60. You know who your destined soulmate is if their parents cheat your parents out of some serious cash and causes them to commit suicide
61. If you see twins, one is always good and the other is always evil and they must always fall in love with the same guy or girl
62. N'eks always run away towards the end when the guy finally decides to treat them better, but when they're treating you like crap you have to stay and take it
63. P'eks are unusually virile and/or n'eks are unusually fertile-it only takes one time to get pregnant (usually from the rape)
64. P'eks must never think their sperm is that super because they usually believe the n'eks are pregnant by someone else, nevermind that they were virgins before you
65. Its okay for your parents (usually the n'eks), to act as your pimp
66. If your in-laws hate your ass cause you're poor, chances are you're the long-lost son/daughter of some rich people
67. If both of you are rich then the best way to test the love is by pretending to be a servant in his or her house
68. All n'eks are candidates for the second Mother Theresa (the stupid brainless version anyway)
Hahaha! your list is SO FUNNY! And of course, happens the most often! Of all the thai dramas I've watched in my lifetime, everything on your list is true!


I have one...

69. No matter how poor the guy or girl is they never wear the same clothes twice.
LOL! I know right?! lol. And they always have makeup on when they're suppose to be poor. Like in Gaew Lom Phet! That chick was suppose to be poor but she wore so much makeup. Her eyes were so small, but she wore so much dark makeup and it made her eyes look even smaller. lol.

And that reminds me: All "new" lakorns are REMAKES!

But yep, that's why we all love thai lakorns! Because they're so easy to detect and hilarious! :)


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You Know when you watching a Thai Lakorn :

1)There is a rape.
2)The male protagonist thinks the girl is a virgin.
3)When a girl & a boy sleeping or have a relationship in the same bed, they become husband and wife
4)Often the female character gets pregnant
5)And the woman has complications
6)When the male character sees that the girl is pregnant it becomes softer and more mature.
7)After the rape the girls are sick and have fever and the boy wants to heal the girl.
8)There is no real kiss.


LOL ---->7)After the rape the girls are sick and have fever and the boy wants to heal the girl.

REMEMBER jlr. lol


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the p'ek always believes the n'rai when she says that she's pregnant but never believes the n'ek


you know you're watching a thai lakorn when:

- p'ek kidnaps n'ek, p'ek doesn't care about his job. when the kidnapping is over, n'ek doesn't get fired from her job. (we, on the other hand would be fired, crying and looking for another job)

- when n'ek is poor and uneducated, somehow they are able to get various types of job (if only finding a job is that simple)

- when p'ek is rich, they spend money like there is no tomorrow but yet you don't see p'ek do anything for a living or hells know what they do for a living. (seriously where does all that money come from)


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If someone is injured and starts bleeding from the mouth, that person will die 100% of the time.

Never, ever, will you see a lip to lip kiss.


pra'ek and na'ek seem to have a lot of free time during working hours
revenge for family member
one is rich and the other is poor
at the end the guys always apologize to the girls
sissy dad
mom and daughter doesn't get along
they always split up and reunite at the very end
they say they are abroad but all you see is a them in the same room.
the taxi always pop up whenever it's needed
sudden weather change
they always use "I" and "You" when they're speaking in english w/ thai
kidnapping scene
the guy always find out the girls pregnancy by other people
na'ek is a virgin no matter how old she is


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You know you are watching a Thai lakorn when the only job possible for someone from a wealthy family is hotel director/manager (Gaew lorm phet, Borisat bambad kaen, and many others)


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sajenna already said this one but i have a lil something to say about this.. lol..

You know you're watching a lakorn when p'ek believes n'rai is pregnant..

i guess the p'ek must have slept with the n'rai before if he easilly believes that she's pregnant.. dirty p'ek lol.. ahahaha..

i've always been curious with that lol.. p'ek believes n'rai but never the n'ek bout pregnancy.. ahaha.. they always accuse and questions who's baby n'ek is carrying.. i've never seen a lakorn once where p'ek tells the n'rai it's not his baby.. p'ek always says it's his baby.. lmfao..

this is such a fun list to read ^_^....XD


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I thought of some more. I haven't been watching thai lakorns lately cuz none right now are interesting to me.

The N'Ek's best friend who is single (or whomever she admires) always ends up with P'Ek's single bestfriend.

When the P'ek dresses up as a girl for the whole lakorn, the N'Ek never suspects that he's not gay.
When a female pretends to be a guy, the P'ek can't even tell that the N'ek is female & always questions his sexuality at the end.

When the poor people are gambling, there is always a police raid and someone always gets caught and goes to jail.

In arranged marriages, the n'ek always puts a pillow to seperate them (what can that do?) and then the p'ek always ruins his chance by saying something like, "why would I even think of you? you're not good looking, etc."

When n'ek and p'ek are at a bicker and their sig others are there for lunch or dinner, the n'rai always puts food on p'ek's plate. then n'ek gets jealous and does it for her sig other. or vice versa.

Poor N'eks always sell something, porridge or dessert. They don't have other jobs (seriously, does all the females in their village sell something?)

When p'ek or n'ek is sick, they always have a high fever and mumble something to either make the other person feel horrible or find out the truth.

P'Ek or N'Ek almost dies, but somehow they beat death and live.

When there is a lakorn about being blind, only p'ek has been blind. n'ek has never been blind. Also, when blind p'ek can say they love n'ek, but after he can see again, he can't identify her. can't he tell by the voice?? i.e. Note & Lookade ... Rome & Rita ... Tik & Cherry

in lakorns that involve high schoolers, there is always cheerleading involved


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lol this thread is really funny, it made my day :)

You know you're watching a Thai lakorn when...

-the p'ek acts like nothing is wrong the morning after he rapes the n'ek
-either the n'ek or the n'rai will get raped at least once but never report it to the police
-the poor character will end up working for the rich character that he or she hates but will fall in love with