❤️[GMM25] Endless Love (GMMTV): Lee Thanat / Violette Wautier


sarNie Adult
It's kinda dying off for me, because it just seems like the girl is continually chasing after the guy. Before he found out that her dad was the cause of his mom's death, he was pushing her away because of their social class. She's too good for him and the doctor.


sarNie Adult
this is a heartbreaking episode, although we all saw it coming. Imagine going into this, not knowing the story.

Poor guy. He spent his whole life blaming himself. I really don't like his dad. I know he was devastated his wife died, but his kid is the living being he and his wife made together out of love.

Day was just a kid. He didn't know better. And can't really blame the mom either, because parents can't watch their kids 24/7. Accidents happen.

I just really don't like the dad character. Felt like he should have been a better parent. Day was already upset his mom died and blamed himself. His dad made it worse by blaming Day and drinking himself into mental illness. Day spent his whole life taking care of his dad and trying to make something of himself, so that he could care for his dad. In the end, he never got his dad's forgiveness or love.

After his mom's death, no one loved or cared for Day other than his friend and Min.

None of this is Min's fault. It's really going to be painful watching her get hurt.


sarNie Hatchling
I decided to skip through the latest episode (8) and wasn’t expecting to enjoy it that I finished all 8 episodes now and am caught up. And not to mention how good looking Lee Thanat is in here.

We are now three years later and P’Day has returned to Thailand so I’m looking forward to what happens next. I haven’t watched the Taiwanese version but I may just do that to prepare myself for what’s to come.